It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least, to me.

It’s officially Girl Scout cookies season. To get in the spirit for the momentous occasion, I am going to be ranking my favorite cookies from the lineup.

Before I rank my most and least favorites, I have to go through the rich history of how Girl Scout Cookies came to be. According to the official Girl Scout’s website, the tradition began in the 1910s after a troop from Oklahoma began selling baked goods to raise money for activities. 

A decade later, the troops began going door to door selling their cookies to any customer who was willing to indulge. 

After 70 years, the Girl Scouts began to include different divisions into the sale of their cookies; younger troop members were able to gain experience in selling through their girl scout cookie campaign. 

With new forms of technology arising in the new century, the Girl Scouts began selling their cookies online, while continuing their traditional door-to-door campaigns. Most recently, they have increased their efforts for inclusion and diversity with their kosher and halal certification, as well as options for vegan and gluten-free customers. 

Girl Scout cookies have a very long and valuable history that is still being written today with each new cookie or flavor they add. Now, onto the rankings!


1. Samoas

Samoas are everything I would hope for and look for in a cookie. With an intricate, donut-esque design, Samoa’s taste lives up to its looks. Toasted coconut lines the top, with chocolate drizzle over it and a chocolate layer on the bottom. The bite is softer than you’d expect, and the caramel inside melts in your mouth. There is something incredible about Samoas that I just can’t get enough of.

2. Thin Mints

Thin Mints are just great. They are such a consistent cookie – the mint and chocolate mix is one of the greatest flavor profiles you can find. These have really never changed, unlike others, and I truly hope they never do. I must say, these pair the best with milk.

3. Lemonades

Now, I can’t add these on the list without including the fact that I have a Savannah Smiles-shaped hole in my heart. I’m not sure why they switched them and included two different lemon-flavored items on the list, but they did. These vastly outshine the Lemon-Ups, which are just basic cookies – at least the Lemon Ups include icing and an actual shortbread cookie. These remind me more of the lemon-dusted Savannah Smiles that would’ve nestled into number one on this list if they were still around.

My honorable mention includes Tagalongs.


1. Toffee-tastic

I tried toffee-tastic cookies for the first time last year and I was disappointed. I normally like the flavor of toffee, but I just couldn’t get into these for some reason. There really isn’t a bad cookie in general, but I think if I was in the market for Girl Scout Cookies, these would fall towards the bottom of my list.

2. Lemon-Ups

I mentioned these earlier, which I just don’t think are absolutely necessary to the lineup. They are heavily overshadowed by the Lemonades and just don’t scratch the itch that former Savannah Smile fans like me are looking for. The inspiring messages printed on the cookies are a very nice touch, however.

3. S’mores

Maybe I lied earlier, there exists one bad girl scout cookie. S’mores are just not at all what you would expect or even hope for. If you love actual s’mores like me, you’re going to be disappointed. These relatively new additions to the menu are boring, tasteless, and not a fun experience for your teeth considering these are incredibly dense to bite into. 

Although there are highs and lows to Girl Scout cookies, there’s no doubt that all of these are classics. If you’re looking out for these delicacies this season like me, I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.


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