Just off of King’s Highway Cutoff in Fairfield, Conn., you can find your favorite new spot for a frozen dessert: Tabitha’s Ice Cream. 

Fairfield is home to a lot of ice cream shops in its downtown area, but Tabitha’s reveals a unique take on this commonly enjoyed treat with its arrival. 

While this shop is new to Fairfield, it is not new in the Fairfield County area as its original location is in Bridgeport, Conn. near the Sailaway Sailing School, which has been in business for over 40 years. The Bridgeport location is not open year-round, and many of the dedicated customers convinced owners Susan Hickey and Jack Van Sant to find a location to be able to accommodate the desired workday in all days of the seasons. Even further, as an ode to one of their regular customers who walked his dog by the Saliaway School, the owners named their recent establishment after the pup Tabitha.

Tabitha’s shakes things up in everything from the flavors offered to the decorations inside. Each nook and cranny of the ice cream shop is home to a different theme that corresponds to one of the signature sundaes offered. 

You’ll find a New York City corner when you first walk in where you can sit and sip (or take spoonfuls full of!) their specialty Cosmopolitan sundae inspired by “Sex and the City” character Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink. Some signature sweet treats feature lime Italian ice, a Jaws icee and The Godfather sundae, just to name a few. Continually, when ordering these mouth-watering desserts, you’re greeted with a unique check-out experience, as a song will play in correspondence to your meal. When Hickey hands you your “brown eyed girl sundae” (which consists of brownie chip ice cream over a brownie, topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles), “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison will likely follow.

This shop truly focuses on the experience of each customer and is guided by Hickey and Sant. I have no doubt that each patron will enjoy themselves here, for I have never met more personable and animated business owners. 

One of the special aspects that Tabitha’s offers is its variety of ice cream flavors, offering over 40 different kinds. This establishment pays incredibly close attention to ensuring there is no cross-contamination between nuts and nut-free flavors and toppings by securing a small section just for nuts equipped with its own sink. 

On top of this, there is a wide selection of sugar-free, fat-free and even dog-friendly ice cream. Luckily, they also offer non-dairy and vegan flavors for dietary restricted customers, as they substitute regular milk for cashew, coconut, almond or oat milk. We had the opportunity to try the dairy-free hazelnut chocolate crunch and it was absolutely delicious! It left me satisfied and light, even after indulging in such a sweet treat. Some other vegan flavors include cannoli, vanilla and toasted almond – which I’ll be sure to try once I visit the store again. 

The traditional ice cream flavors don’t disappoint either. We also had the chance to try the mint chocolate chip flavor, a crowd favorite according to Sant – I can see exactly why. This mint chip was incredibly smooth and tasty, not overpoweringly minty with the perfectly sized chocolate chunks. 

Beyond flavors and dietary restrictions, there are a plethora of toppings you can choose such as sprinkles, sauces and even syrups. After trying the pistachio syrup, I’d have to recommend you to do the same as well!

Tabitha’s Ice Cream is located at 665 Commerce Drive and is officially open from noon to 8 p.m. for business. Swing by for some tasty frozen treats, a nice chat with the owners and some post-worthy Instagram flics!

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