One of the most looked-forward-to seasons from a Netflix original just came out: the second season of “Bridgerton!” After the claim to fame the first season took across the globe, fans waited not so patiently for the second season, which just recently aired on March 25. 

The second season, like the book series, focuses on the love storyline of the eldest brother and Viscount, Anthony Bridgerton. After having to grow up too young with the death of his father, causing him to take over all of the familial roles and responsibilities, Anthony declared at the end of season one that he would be looking for marriage. 

As someone who read the book series, I was actively excited to watch the second season and to see how Netflix portrayed Anthony’s story, considering how accurately the show followed Daphne and Simon’s story. I was drawn in immediately, and while I overall liked season two, as someone who read the books, I was quite upset with a lot that happened. 

Many of the plotlines in this season were not accurate to the book whatsoever. I loved the direction Netflix took with the inclusion of diversity in both season one and season two with the Duke of Hastings, as well as the Sharma sisters. In the books, the Sharmas are the Sheffields, which in the show, is the mother’s maiden name. There were so many subtle hints of different cultures in season two as well, which was a really nice touch. 

I did not like; however, many of the other plot lines. In the book, the entire battle between Edwina and Kate simply does not happen. Anthony and Kate end up together a lot earlier in the book, which bothered me while watching the show. The plotlines of Benedict and Colin are also different this season, as they each had intricate scenes regarding aspects of their hobbies or lives, and I hope that they end up continuing to play out the way they do in the book. 

The biggest twist of the season, with Penelope being discovered by Eloise to be Lady Whistledown, really threw me off. In the books, Penelope and Lady Whistledown’s identity is revealed to the town, and Eloise finds out then as well and is happy for Penelope. In the show, however, Eloise finds out in the last episode of season two and it blows up into a huge fight between the best friends. While it was dramatic and exciting, as someone who read the books, I was very upset with how that played out. 

Now, I know that a lot of the time books and television go in different directions, but after season one was so similar to the books (besides the storyline of Miss Marina Thompson), I was expecting season two to follow suit and be extremely close to the books as well. I am a little nervous for the rest of the show’s execution, as books three and four, which are Benedict and Colin’s stories, were two of my favorites. Some plots have already shifted and as a reader and a fan of the novels that the show is based on, I am certain that many of the readers around the world will be upset as well. 

The costumes this season were just as excellent as in season one, as well as the hairstyles and the sets. They stepped up the game in those departments this season, which was just as fun to see. 

Overall, the show is great. While I was upset with some of the plot lines and the execution of some of my favorite characters, season two still was extremely well done for what directions they went in. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet and want to, definitely give it a watch! 

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