My Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. have been reserved since October. I take the long walk over  from the Village to Campion and watch FX’s “American Horror Story: Coven” with two of my friends. We set an ambiance, as the opening scene unfolds across the television. While sitting on Kate’s white futon, I always tell her, “Don’t forget to hit the lights!” Watching this creepy show about witchcraft and voodoo just doesn’t provide the same effect if we were to watch it with the lights on.

Each of the young witches who have found themselves spell-bound and captivated with the thought of becoming the Coven’s next Supreme are finally being put to the test. The remaining four witches have to perform the Seven Wonders and whoever successfully accomplishes them will hold the honor of the next Supreme. The Supreme witch is the most powerful and admired witch of the Coven.

Misty, Zoe, Queenie and Madison each perform the wonders, which include telekinesis, descensum, teleportation, concilium, transmutation, vitalum vitalis and divination. It is important that each girl successfully finishes each wonder because if they don’t, they could either die trying to complete them or be eliminated.

Poor swamp witch Misty Day was the first to be eliminated when she couldn’t bring her soul back from the underworld before sunrise. Zoe was the next to die, as the girls turned their test of transmutation into a game of tag and she ended up landing on the iron gate piercing herself through the stomach. Yes, this show is not  for the queasy or faint-hearted.  Madison and Queenie were also eliminated when they were told to bring Zoe back to life by using vitalum vitalis. Madison, the Hollywood witch, refuses to revive Zoe because she wants the title of Supreme and fears if Zoe returns, her opportunity will cease. My oh my, how catty these girls are!

As my friends and I sit and watch the events of the show unfold, the plot twist hits us. Cordelia, the daughter of the current Supreme Fiona who is dying of cancer, is told to perform the seven wonders. Of course she completes each wonder with ease, including reviving Zoe. Did I mention that Cordelia is blind?  We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen. When we finally broke our trance, the time was 10:50 p.m. and we screamed with excitement as we realized there was still ten minutes left of the show. Cordelia is announced the new Supreme, Madison is dead, Zoe and Queenie are her new council and Fiona finally makes peace with her daughter.

Cordelia ended up announcing her Coven to the news and telling other witches, “When you hide in the shadows you will always be hiding.” As predictable as the show turned out to be, it provided some well-needed entertainment for the hump day.

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