After a mini hiatus, Andy’s Alternative Hour is back and this time around, I am bringing back the staff picks playlist, where members of The Mirror staff choose their favorite tunes for your listening pleasure. As chaotic as a Tuesday night in the office, this playlist offers a mix of everything, from surf rock to rap and everything in between. Without further ado, prepare your ears.

“Cold” — Maroon 5 ft. Future (Ally White – Editor-in-Chief): In celebration of our latest EIC, I have decided to spotlight this tune as the first in this week’s playlist. Adam Levine’s swaggering vocals play well with Future’s rap snippet in the composition, creating a no-brainer pop hit.

“Tear In My Heart” — Twenty One Pilots (Catherine Veschi – Managing Editor): Oh Twenty One Pilots, a band that I saw three years ago as the first act on the main stage of Firefly Music Festival and now is selling out stadiums around the globe. While the issue of selling out is still a topic of contention for me, this track off of “Blurryface” is catchy and has a distinct swank to it that allows it to be as popular as it is.

“Doomsday” — Ryan Adams (Andrew DaRosa – Executive Editor): In case you missed my review of Ryan Adams’ “Prisoner,” you are seriously missing out on one of the greatest singer-songwriter albums of the past decade. I’ve been spinning this tune nonstop and for good reason; its emotionally complex themes of life after love broaden the listening horizons for listeners who think this is just another sappy Ryan Adams song.

“So High (Live)” — The Motet (Andrew DaRosa – Executive Editor): This is important. When I tell you to catch a band before they become huge, I seriously mean it. GO CATCH THE MOTET. If this song isn’t indicative of their funkadelic twist on jam rock, I have no clue what is as it forces the listener to jump and shake their behind to the rhythms of some of the coolest gents out there on the road. Be on the lookout for my interview with The Motet in the coming weeks.

“Eraser” — Ed Sheeran (Ariana Puzzo – Online Editor-In-Chief): Can someone tell me when Ed Sheeran decided to become a rapper along with a cheeky acoustic superstar? I was taken aback from this opening tune from his latest record, “Divide,” but overall, it is a fresh take on the acoustic pop genre and should find Ed Sheeran great success as he will hopefully embark on a world tour in support of the record.

Ain’t No Man” — The Avett Brothers (Sabina Dirienzo – Chief Copy Editor): I cannot express the amount of excitement I had when I realized that another person liked, let alone knew, who The Avett Brothers were. Though I have not been a huge fan of their music since 2012’s “The Carpenter,” I found “Ain’t No Man” to be a refreshing breath in their catalogue that brings a new sound to their latest material.

“California Girls” — The Beach Boys (Juliana Sansonetti – Co-News Editor): When the weather became unseasonably warm two weeks ago, I can be the first one to admit that I had this one pumping as I sat outside and basked in the sunshine. The epitome of surf rock, The Beach Boys are truly an American gem that I feel are too often overshadowed by the success of The Beatles.

“Run It!” — Chris Brown ft. Juelz Santana (Deanna Carbone – Co-News Editor): When Deanna first told me to add this song, I wasn’t expecting to get a rush of nostalgia to middle school dances when my hair was rounder than a coconut. If you’re looking for your prime early 2000s throwback, this song is completely for you, unless you want to forget those ugly years — up to you.

“River” – Leon Bridges (Liz O’Hara – Assistant News Editor): Leon Bridges is simply of the greatest male soul vocalists of our generation and this closing track off of from his debut album, “Coming Home,” is gorgeous, especially with the harmonies. I remember catching Bridges at Newport Folk Festival two years ago and it still is one performance I’ll always remember for his genuine showmanship and vocal prowess.

“Angels (feat. Saba)” — Chance The Rapper (Lexi Thimble – Opinion Editor): Nothing impresses me more than the level of success Chance The Rapper has been able to reach by being a completely independent musician. “Angela” mixes elements of gospel and caribbean calypso, which fills this song with a light aura in comparison to the darkness typically associated with the lyrics of modern rappers. I highly recommend everyone listen to “Coloring Book,” you won’t be disappointed.

“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” — David Bowie (Lexi Thimble – Opinion Editor): Tears swell in my eyes as I listen to this song and think that roughly over a year ago, we lost one of the greatest voices in the music industry. The motif of living while one is young rings true throughout the tune and Bowie’s almost metaphysical view of reality will always transcend anything we will ever be able to know about him.

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” — Sleeping at Last (Alicia Phaneuf – Vine Editor): To preface this, I am a huge sucker for covers. This take on The Proclaimers’ classic is hauntingly delightful and sends the listener into a sort of melancholic trance that allows one to take in all the hurt in their life and exhale it out through simply listening to this song.

“I Got Nerve” — Hannah Montana (Alicia Phaneuf – Vine Editor): Don’t try to fool me, I know half of you listening to this playlist are singing along word-for-word with this tune from Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” We all are trying to balance the best of both worlds but Miley Cyrus does it so perfectly and as basic as this song is, I don’t have the heart to critique Hannah Montana.

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” — Billy Joel (Cara Lee – Assistant Vine Editor): Bar what my opinions are regarding Billy Joel, this is such a catchy number that challenges all linguists to accurately remember where Stalin goes in relation to Einstein. It’s a playful history lesson that is tongue-in-cheek with its analysis of history. RYAN STARTED THE FIRE.

“Mask Off” — Future (Alfredo Torres – Sports Editor): In our second dosing of Future for this playlist, we catch the rapper in his own setting, where he creates an empire of rhythm that simply can’t be taken down. This sly examination on excess boasts classical elements that bounce extremely well with the lyrics.

“Kelly Price” (feat. Travis Scott) – Migos (Dan Montgomery – Assistant Sports Editor): Closing out this playlist is a track chosen by our one and only Creed Bratton of the Office. This here is a solid composition in terms of vocal and rhythmic quality that is worthy enough to close out another playlist.

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