One of the funniest shows on television has recently returned for its fifth season, and it has a whole new look. What was once “Archer,” an animated show on FX about a ragtag group of secret agents, has become “Archer Vice” in which these former agents are trying to sell a literal ton of cocaine.

While some would be hesitant to a change to a show that has been generally well received and loved among its fan base, the change to “Archer” this season has only continued on in its hilarity.

It’s pretty rare to see a show go through a pretty big change and still come out on the other side as on-top as it was before. The storyline might have changed from fighting the enemies to trying to sell them drugs, but Ray is still alternating between paralysis and being a cyborg and Pam is still causing problems with her ties to the Yakuza.

All of your favorite characters are back for “Archer Vice,” except for the familiar ISIS headquarters (it might as well have been a character) which has moved to inside Carol/Cheryl/Cherlene’s mansion (with Babou, the Ocelot). The problems facing the gang also has taken a new shape.

Pam is now addicted to cocaine and opiates, turning her into a skinny she-Hulk that wreaks havoc on everyone. Lana is trying to navigate selling the cocaine so that she can keep her job, while also handling being pregnant and almost literally beating Sterling back with a stick to keep him from infringing on her baby’s life.

Of course, Krieger is still working in his lab, on who would ever want to know what, but it’s probably not a hybrid pig-boy (because he doesn’t have one of those) or a way to make Ray be able to walk again.

One of the biggest advertisements for this season was that there was going to be a character killed off who has been with ISIS since the beginning. If you’ve watched episodes of “Archer” before, you’ll probably have a pretty good guess of who it is.

If you were apprehensive of watching season five of “Archer,” don’t be. Of course, the preview for the season itself should have been all you needed to get excited for the return of Sterling Archer and the gang.

In October, they released one of the best season previews for a TV show. Their preview was a spoof on “Top Gun” while “Danger Zone,” by Kenny Loggins played in the background. Danger zone has been one of the greatest lines to work its way throughout the series and to see it pop up in the season five preview was all I needed to be anxiously awaiting the show’s return.

When the show premiered, it certainly didn’t disappoint. We’re all waiting for the return of Barry and Katya, and for a celebrity to pop up in the best of ways, a la Burt Reynolds in season three.

So far there have been memorable moments, such as the gang trying to phase out their use of “phrasing” and a violent run in/miscommunication with the FBI. But I’m still anxiously awaiting an episode like the “rampage” episode or when “Archer” goes to space.

But I’ll be back every week, knowing that it will be one of the best half hours of my week. “Archer Vice” airs on Mondays at 10 on FX.

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