For those of you in dedicated relationships, Barone is not an acceptable place to dine on Valentine’s Day. Instead, try Barcelona. Located both in Fairfield and South Norwalk, this restaurant has a fiery menu of Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Barcelona have a unique tapas menu and a sultry, dark atmosphere, which makes it a perfect place to spend some quality time with the person you love. Also, if you’re of legal drinking age, they have an exotic drink menu that is sure to send your mind racing and set taste buds aflame. Try the Hot Dahlia with jalapeños and cilantro – yummy.

If you’re less inclined toward the spicy side of cuisine or you want a more relaxed, less expensive date option, try Capriccio Cafe in Stamford. This Italian restaurant offers real, basic and delectable favorites like pizza, paninis, salads and a number of pasta dishes. As a favorite spot for a past significant other, I can personally attest to the vibrant and young atmosphere that Capriccio has to offer. It’s a great spot for a date.

As for those of us spending this day with our friends, here are a few options for all the single guys and gals out there. Pizzeria Molto Wine Bar is right in the middle of Fairfield. Even if you’re not of drinking age, it’s a great place to get dressed up and have dinner with your girls. Laugh about the losers who broke your heart or just sit there and cry; the choice is entirely yours. Guys, head to Black Bear in South Norwalk. It’s an awesome sports bar with beer, music and, most likely, single girls who you can shamelessly flirt with. More importantly, it’s not The Seagrape Cafe and it gives you an opportunity to branch out and meet new people. If you’re not a legal guy, head to Buffalo Wild Wings in Milford or Stamford. They have an endless variety of tasty ribs or chicken wings and again, lots of sports. You will most likely wind up watching the Sochi Olympics at this time of year, but I can almost guarantee you it will not be figure skating.

Now, if you’re all by yourself, go see a movie or go shopping for yourself. It’s the best way to get away from the Valentine’s Day madness. Being single is empowering, so do something that makes you feel empowered. Go into New York City and see a show, go shopping or sightseeing; do something you’ve always wanted to do. There is never an excuse for staying home on Valentine’s Day, so get out.

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