Would you be Eric Bellinger’s valentine? He really wants to know, as his new hit single asks the listener every other line if they would be his valentine. Bellinger always comes out with these groovy singles and I guess this season he had his heart set on dropping a Valentine’s Day single. Overshadowing his other release of an e-mix of Drake’s, “God’s Plan,” Bellinger released “Valentine” less than 24 hours later, on Feb. 12.

This soft-rock single is a classic Bellinger tune and is perfect to share with your special loved one. Lines about sex and love encapsulate Bellinger’s single. One line reads, “Come with me and share my vibration/But not just for the night/more like 365, more like 3 kids/When we vibe you feel the wave/Between your legs it’s a dinner plate.”

Bellinger isn’t shy about his word choice and sings about licking “her thighs” and “her toes.” However, we know this song isn’t necessarily lustful, as Bellinger sings he doesn’t want a relationship just for one night. On this Valentine’s Day he wants to stress the relationship of love, and I think by expressing his emotions through his soft rock, R&B vibe, he’s able to successfully do so.

Even though he went a little overkill on the lyrics asking for listeners to be his valentine, the lyrics as a whole express Bellinger’s passion for love. Although I wouldn’t consider this the best work of a Grammy award-winning songwriter, it still provides a lighthearted, feel-good single to a groovy playlist. And who knows, maybe listening to it with your loved one will get you both in that Valentine’s Day mood.

According to This is RNB, Bellinger said during an interview, “They [people] need it. Women need it. Men need it. The world needs it. It’s crazy because I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of releases this year, and a lot of hearts have gone cold. Such a negative vibe around this time … I’m just glad I’ve been blessed with the ability to articulate love in a way that only I can.”

Overall, I give this hallmark holiday song 4/5 stars.

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