As Valentine’s Day just recently passed, you may be stressing to find “the one” or be bummed you may not be in a relationship. Or maybe you are in a happy loving relationship, and Valentine’s Day is your favorite time of the year. Maybe you are happy it’s finally March, and you do not have to think about Valentine’s Day for another eleven months. 

The main point of this discussion is, I think we all miss the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year. Every day of the year should revolve around loving yourself. 

As college students, I think we constantly are rushing to find reassurance and love from others, as we are still trying to figure out who we are and what career path we would like to take. We are experimenting. We are figuring out our likes and dislikes, and the person we are becoming. 

Basically, we are in a trial-and-error period of our lives, which we forget tends to be filled with failures and disappointments—we have to remember that it is completely normal. Not to mention, during this trial-and-error period, we often find ourselves competing with one another, as we are all trying to make our parents proud and come out of college with a successful job and career path.

I think we tend to lose ourselves during this so-called “trial-and-error” time, as we are comparing ourselves to our peers, rather than just focusing on ourselves and the amazing things you are capable of.

Overall, this emphasizes my point of the constant need for us to find reassurance, love and happiness from others. However, we forget the fact that the most important love comes from within us. These are the years we are supposed to focus on loving ourselves and enjoying our own company.

Loving yourself can come in many different forms. Trying new things, putting yourself in new situations, making new friends, working out, taking care of your body, eating healthy, etc. These are things we are constantly forgetting to do as college students, as we are so focused on what other people think of us and the person that other people want us to be. 

However, we forget the fact that at the end of the day, we are left with ourselves, and we cannot rely on others for what we should do and how to be happy. Practicing self-love is essential for all individuals, not just college students. It is essential in order to be able to grow as a human being, and to reach your main goal in life of peace and happiness.

Many of us do not take pride in ourselves until we are in a relationship. However, this is a complete mistake. Then we are left completely lost when that relationship ends, not knowing how to find any sort of happiness and love by ourselves. If there is one thing you are able to gain from this article, I hope it is that you start loving yourself from today forward.

From now on, I want you to keep practicing new things, until you find your passions and goals, and to keep striving to reach those every day moving forward. Focus on you. Work hard for yourself and only yourself, so you are never left with “no one” or “nothing,” as you will always be filled with love for yourself. At the end of the day, love yourself first, before anyone or anything else.

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