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The “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” has fans of the show as excited as the cast for a wild night out at Karma. For those who are unaware, the “Jersey Shore” cast has returned after six years of being off the air. The whole cast made a comeback comparable to those of Britney Spears and Rocky, with the exception of cast member Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. She cited reasons of not being able to relieve her tumultuous relationship with Ronnie Magro.

Those who are familiar with the infamous “note” can understand.

Despite most of the cast being settled down with a significant other or a career, they have not changed one bit. Vinny’s mother still smothers him with food and DJ Pauly D is still tearing up turntables, now with international recognition. Now moms, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “Jwoww” Farley have not lost the ability to drink the rest of the cast under the table and create a scene on the dancefloor.

Sammi’s absence was mentioned several times throughout the show. As timed by Pauly, Ronnie brought it up in the first 13 seconds of their arrival in Miami. Pauly surprised everyone with a life-size doll of Sam, who mimicked her notorious phrase “Rahnnn stop” and wore a shirt that read: “I’m in a really good place.”

At first, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wasn’t able to escape his court battle for tax fraud for t-shirt time and GTL (gym tan laundry). The emotions in the room quickly changed when everyone noticed the absence of Mike, who was supposed to travel with Vinny. Unfortunately, while en route to the airport, Mike received a phone call from his lawyer saying that he could not go to Miami and needed to remain in New Jersey for his court appearance. The cast members were devastated, to say the least, and truly felt that their experience would be incomplete without him.

Miraculously, Mike was able to fly to Miami the next day and MVP (Mike, Vinny and Pauly) finally reunited. Mike could not contain his excitement and stated, “This is where I belong. This is my squad, and listen, we have a good situation.”

With the sound of the first “cabs are here,” returning fans knew the night would be wild. The cast went out later that night and spent the majority of it on the dance floor fist pumping and Jersey turnpiking, triggering audiences everywhere with nostalgia. Deena and Ronnie got into a very heated conversation after they arrived home and, if he hadn’t done so already, Ronnie proved to everyone how unlikable of a person he truly is. After Deena’s father abruptly passed away from Leukemia, each cast member reached out to Deena and provided comfort to her during her time of loss. Ronnie did not acknowledge the loss or attend the service and emphasized his self-centered personality by saying, “What am I gonna do, go to the funeral? So I can hang out with Sam?” Deena responded with the utmost dignity and class, stating, “When my dad died, it doesn’t matter who is close.” Ronnie, sympathy has been lacking for you since 2012. Do yourself a favor and be more like Mike, who has made extreme progress in repairing his life for the past two years.

The episode ends on a cliff hanger with Snooki realizing she has lost her wedding ring by the pool area. Mike gave commentary on the situation, “Right after Snooki threw Sam into the pool, she lost her ring. I’m like, oh my God. Karma is not just a club.”

Needless to say, the first episode of the “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” did not disappoint and we are forever thankful that the cabs are here and here to stay.

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