Having one of those days when you would do just about anything for something different at Barone? Are you craving a pancake or a piece of French toast? What about a quesadilla or just a good grilled cheese sandwich, but Barone just isn’t serving them? You could go out — take a bus to Chips or Panera or Uber to Chipotle — but that costs money and, let’s be honest, we are all broke college students. Instead, try using some of these hacks at the stir fry station to cook up those desired meals.


  1. Pancakes

– Get a cup of waffle mix.

-Head over to the bread station and get an estimated half teaspoon of butter. Don’t forget to grab a knife and a fork to flip your future pancake while you’re there.

– Collect any toppings you want from the other stations. In the mood for some chocolate chip pancakes? Go to the ice cream bar. Blueberries, strawberries or bananas? The fruit section.

– Put the butter into a pan at the stir fry station and heat it up. When the butter has melted and is sizzling, pour that makeshift pancake batter in and cook. Afterwards, you can make those pancakes a real treat by getting some whipped cream from the waffle station or some chocolate or caramel syrup from the ice cream bar.


  1. French Toast

-Select your choice of bread. Keep it whole, cut it into long slices, make it into the shape of a dinosaur — you’re a college student, fight society. And make sure to grab a fork and a cereal bowl as well — you are going to need those.

-At the stir fry station, pour a small amount of eggs into the bowl. (Remember, you can always add more eggs later if you need them, but if you pour them and do not use them, that is just a waste). And use your fork to coat your bread in eggs. If you want to add cinnamon at this stage, check over at the coffee station and put a little into the egg batter. Once the bread is coated in the egg mixture, place it on the heated skillet until it reaches your desired French toast consistency, remove and eat.


  1. Mac and Cheese

-Serve yourself some of the plain pasta. Mix the pasta with your desired amount of cheese and pour a thin layer of oil into the skillet.

– As the oil heats up, pour in your cheese, pasta and any other ingredients (bacon is highly recommended) and keep stirring. You do not want it to stick or start to burn. Continue until the cheese has melted and serve.


  1. Grilled Cheese

– Collect two small slices of butter, your bread and your choice of cheese (from the salad, sandwich, or stir fry station) along with anything else you may want to put on your grilled cheese sandwich at the moment. Tomatoes? Is there any bacon being served today?

-Put the butter slice in the pan and let it melt and sizzle. Place your sandwich into the pan and let it cook. The butter should sizzle, the cheese should start to melt — yum.

-Once the bottom piece has been grilled to your liking, flip the sandwich over with a fork and knife. You may need to add the second piece of butter to the pan at this point. Continue to cook until the cheese is melted, remove and enjoy.


  1. Quesadilla

-Head over to the sandwich station and grab a piece of the soft flatbread normally used for wraps. Collect whatever you want in your quesadilla from the other stations — bacon, chicken, etc. — and put them on one side of your flatbread. Then fold it over like an envelope and place in the pan.

-Grab a fork and a knife to press the two sides together — or else the cheese won’t stick your concoction together — and as the cheese begins to melt, flip it over so that the other side is also cooked. Continue cooking until the bread reaches your ideal crispiness.
Hopefully this little list can make your Barone dining experience that much more delicious.

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