Oh the British Academy of Film and Television Awards, what a random bit of an award ceremony it is. If you’re not aware, the BAFTAs were Sunday, Feb. 2. It’s usually one of the forgotten award shows, especially for Americans who were more focused on preparing for the Super Bowl or wrapping up their extensive Groundhog’s Day celebrations to watch a bunch of film and television people accept very oddly shaped face awards in front of the royal family. Yet, they all do look nice accepting their awards and that’s what we’re here to talk about, fashion at the BAFTAs!

Let’s start off with our man Joaquin Phoenix. He’s been on a bit of a roll this awards season and thus has worn the same suit, purposefully so, to every show. It’s the perfect black suit to pair just beautifully with him calling out the whitewashing of Hollywood or how he stated in his acceptance of his BAFTA for Best Actor as the Joker in “Joker”, the “systematic racism” in Hollywood. Going even further in his speech, he said that he knows that he is part of the problem by taking awards away from hard-working actors of color who the system is just not built to support. 

Most of the men, unfortunately, showed up in nothing but a black tux. You can’t trust anyone in a completely black tux. I’m looking at you Quentin Tarantino in your all-black ensemble! Literally, he showed up in a black shirt, black suit, black shoes and a black-tie. What are you trying to prove buddy? You look like you’re trying to do the Gotye music video thing but in front of a movie screen. 

Sure, okay, Adam Driver popped over to the show in some black too. Yet he gets a bit of a pass because he was in black velvet, and I have a thing for anyone in velvet. I think it looks so cool. But honestly, would it kill the men to take some fashion risks? They all look quite dull when comparing it to what my killer ladies brought to the BAFTA party. So let’s move on to my women! They’re a lot more fun to chat about. 

Lily Rose Depp wore lace pants. Are you kidding me? She’s in “The King” with her heart-throb boyfriend Timothee Chalamet and then shows up in a lace pantsuit to the BAFTAs. Ridiculously stunning. Especially when paired with her downturned lip and the type of elite confidence she just emits naturally. Seriously, eye contact with her could melt ice. She looked just lovely. 

Florence Pugh is next, as she looked simply fabulous. Not only did she stun in all of her roles this year (“Little Women” and “Midsommar”), but she showed up to the BAFTAs in a hot pink ruffled number by Dries Van Noten. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of the designer before today, but Florence Pugh looked like such a beautiful little piece of origami that I’ll keep him in mind for my third wedding. 

Scarlett Johansson is last on our list for those who took a bit of a fashion risk at the BAFTAs. Nominated for both of her roles in “Marriage Story” and “Jojo Rabbit”, Johansson sparkled in soft pink, that had feathers all down on the skirt and sequins all over the bodice. She looked like a majestic flamingo, but one that’s just a dynamite actress who deconstructs the sex symbol concept. 

Other than those women, many went quite simple for the event. My actual love, Laura Dern, nominated for “Marriage Story” showed up in a vibrantly bright red dress. But other than some sparkly bits on the breast area, and my thing for velvet, it was quite plain. Same with Margot Robbie, who decided to do a very classic but simple black Chanel gown. It was just all black with a little bit of black lacey bits on the shoulders and hip area.

I think there’s a balance between simple and risk-taking and I think my favorite women, Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig, found said balance. Ronan was in a very simple, spaghetti-strapped black gown, yet dressed it up with a fun swoopy hairstyle and some bright dangling earrings. Gerwig, on the other hand, stunned in a velvet green number with silvery sparkly straps. I also love that though her husband is also a filmmaker, whose movie “Marriage Story” is a hot contender for a lot of awards this year, the magazine articles always say, “Greta Gerwig and her husband.” Who knew that this was a place we could be in the film industry! A woman’s name first!

Honestly, I’m throwing quite a lot of large rocks from my little Loyola dorm room sat typing this in my black Fairfield University sweatpants and fuzzy socks. I am in no way a fashion expert, nor do I pretend to be except when I write about BAFTA fashion. I’m an expert in that. 

 But, even if I’m not an expert, maybe one day I’ll be accepting my award for Best Actress and Director in the Live-Action Remake of “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True” and the young, new Mirror Fashion Columnist can make fun of my ugly dress. One can only hope.

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