Calling all cookie lovers! A new cookie store, called Chip City, has opened in Fairfield on Post Road and customers are already raving about it. Chip City already has locations throughout New York and New Jersey, and this is the company’s first Connecticut location. Just like some other familiar cookie spots, Chip City has a weekly cookie rotation, where they introduce a new cookie every week. For this week it is the White Chocolate Cranberry Oat cookie. 

Some customers have posted reviews online saying these are some of the best cookies they have ever had. Other reviews even state that they beat out the famous Crumbl Cookie. Naturally, I had to go and try them for myself. I would consider myself to be very picky with my cookies. I enjoy the occasional Crumbl Cookie, however, I find them to be very dense and overly sweet. One cookie brand I do enjoy a lot is Insomnia Cookies. I find their cookies to have that classic look and taste and are great for settling a cookie craving. 

I decided to get some cookies from Chip City to bring to dinner with my friends. I went ahead and ordered online for pickup on their website. It was a very easy and quick option for me to order ahead. I had trouble choosing which cookies I wanted to get because they all looked delicious, but ultimately I settled on the Pumpkin Spice Latte cookie and the 20 “Lil Chips” Variety Bundle, which is twenty small cookies that come in different flavors. For all my vegans reading this, Chip City also has a vegan cookie available! 

First of all, walking into the shop I was greeted with the smell of freshly baked cookies. I thought the shop was very cute and welcoming. The lady who gave me my cookies was also very nice. One thing I noticed in the shop was that you can get ice cream put on top of your cookie. That is definitely something I want to try. 

The cookies were warm and the smell was mouth-watering. I was so excited to try them. After my friends and I finished dinner I got the cookies out and we all tried them. The flavors in the variety bundle were: Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Cookies N’ Cream, Smores and Triple Chocolate. I had the Triple Chocolate cookie and it was delicious. It was the perfect amount of chocolate and sweetness one could have in a cookie. The chocolates blended so well together. When I tore the cookie in half the chocolate chips were still gooey inside. 

I also tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte cookie, and it was also very good. I think the filling was a little too strong for my taste, but overall it was a good cookie. My friends also raved about the cookies. 

Junior Claire DeMarco said she “likes a cookie that is soft on the inside and hard on the outside, and that is just what these cookies were.” I agree with her, it was the perfect combination of a warm center and a hard outside. We also all agreed it was better than Crumbl Cookies. These cookies were not as overly filling as Crumbl Cookies are. Instead of focusing on the aesthetic presentation of the cookie, Chip City focused on the flavor. Chip City seems to have mastered the basics of a good cookie, and that is why they were so delicious.  

If you are a cookie enthusiast I totally recommend Chip City. I will most certainly be returning for more cookies, especially to try more of their creative flavors. I think these cookies, in my opinion, are the closest thing to freshly homemade cookies. So, do yourself a favor and grab some of these delicious cookies next time you are craving a sweet treat!

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