The holiday season is filled with so many wonderful traditions like setting up a Christmas tree, putting up lights on the outside of your house, celebrating a multitude of holidays and most importantly, making cookies that will last you until the end of the year! Though it’s become customary to set out treats for Santa Claus as a token of appreciation for giving us gifts, there is no harm in making some for ourselves as well. 

And because there are so many recipes to choose from and not enough time to eat them before they go stale, here are my top picks for which cookies you should make in the following weeks!

Seven Layer Bar

A nice, big chunk of a seven-layer bar is my all-time favorite cookie, not only in the holiday season but all year round. These tasty snacks consist of butter, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, chopped walnuts, sweetened condensed milk and shredded coconut. With the overwhelming amount of ingredients stacked upon one another, it’s super filling and oh so good!


Snickerdoodles have to be the most perfect cookie to snuggle up within the colder months of the year. The hints of cinnamon and vanilla, on top of the soft, gooey dough have proved time and time again to be such a comforting treat when laying by the fire. 

Peanut Butter Blossom

Okay, peanut butter blossom cookies are just an absolute staple dessert during the holiday season! They are so simple, fun to make and they taste amazing. I’ve also seen this same style done in different flavor forms like chocolate dough with peppermint Hershey’s Kisses on top, so you can make them in any way you please; especially for those who are allergic to peanut butter.

Snicker Peanut Butter

I’m not too sure if snicker peanut butter cookies are a common holiday treat for everyone else, but my family always has them on Christmas; and good thing for that, because they are delicious! The thick patties are also so pretty on a presentation dish due to the chocolate glaze on top. 

Almond Snowballs

As a child, I was never really a fan of almond snowballs because I thought they were dry and just totally not on the same level as the other options I was given (probably because they didn’t have chocolate). But as I’ve grown older, I have developed an appreciation for their buttery feeling that seems to melt in your mouth. Snowballs also remind me of my grandmother since it was her favorite holiday cookie, so maybe that also has something to do with my newfound interest as well.

Sugar Cookie 

Sugar cookies are the perfect holiday dessert because you can bake them into any silly seasonal shapes your heart desires! But, with all of the endless options out there, my personal favorites will always be snowflakes and snowmen. Even further, once these goodies are fully cooled, you get to unleash your creative side and decorate them with all different types of frosting and sprinkles. How fun and cute!

Chocolate Chip 

You can never go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie as its simplistic yet sweet flavors can please any guest that you invite over to your house these holidays. To make the treat more festive and keep the taste the same, you can even add some red and green M&M’s! I also always love adding a hint of kosher salt on top of the cookies once they finish baking and they are still warm. It makes the chocolate really pop.

Chocolate Crinkle 

I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to make chocolate crinkle cookies, but thankfully someone always ends up making them for events or bringing them to parties so I am able to enjoy the chewy goodness this treat offers. Honestly, a cookie covered in confectioners’ sugar sounds kind of weird, but it’s a perfect holiday recipe!


Ginger is the ultimate taste of Christmas, so it’s a given that you have to bake a huge batch of these bad boys. And even more so, it matches the holiday spirit by embodying a true gingerbread man. It’s fun to make and to eat!


When I was little, my grandmother had given me a spritz cookie press set with a bunch of shape cutouts that I still use today. The buttery dough and small size pairs perfectly with a full dip in dark chocolate and a topping of some sprinkles (red and green or any other seasonal colors, of course.)

Cranberry White Chocolate

Like cranberry bread, cranberry white chocolate chip cookies are the ideal dessert to pair with the upcoming winter holidays since the bright red reflects the season’s coloring. But with the addition of chocolate? Say no more!

Vanocni Cukrovi 

Honestly, this may be a harder treat to recreate in your own kitchen and might just be safer purchasing at a bakery. But who knows, maybe it’ll be fun trying to make and to try to perfect. The raspberry jam, crunchy dough and powder make for such a delicious dessert sandwich!

Like Santa, you’ll have to make sure to wash all of these goodies down with a large glass of milk, or better yet, some delicious hot cocoa! I hope this list has brought attention to some of the most mouth-watering cookies this season brings and that you try them for yourself this upcoming holiday!


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