My absolute favorite appetizer someone can make for a party or an event is easily buffalo chicken dip. There is just something so mouthwatering about the shredded chicken, hot sauce and cheesiness that encourages me to eat an entire dish of it at once. But because I probably shouldn’t eat a whole side dish and bag of tortilla chips for dinner, I thought I would turn this delicious craving into a more acceptable entree: buffalo chicken wontons!

Since I do not eat dairy (lactose intolerant problems), I’ve grown both accustomed to, and fond of, dairy-free substitutions, so I will provide both a regular and alternative recipe to recreate what has been a very tasty and easy late-night meal.



9 oz. can of Swanson White Chicken Breast

4 oz. Cream Cheese (Tofutti brand for dairy free)

2 tbsp. Franks Red Hot Sauce

2 tbsp. Archie Moore’s Buffalo Sauce

1 package of Twin Dragon Wonton Wrappers

1 cup of Vegetable Oil



  1. Open and drain the can of chicken. Empty the contents into a large bowl and shred the chunks into smaller pieces. 
  2. Add the cream cheese, hot sauce and buffalo sauce. Mix well.
  3. Lay out a wonton wrapper and put a dollop of the buffalo chicken mix in the middle. Wet your finger with water and glaze the edges. Grab the two sides that are diagonal from each other and bring them to the middle.
  4. Turn your stove on to medium heat and add about 1 inch of oil to a pan. 
  5. Gently place the wontons onto the skillet in small batches and let them cook for a minute or two on each side until they are golden brown.
  6. Put the finished wontons on a paper towel to dry and cool. 


To make this unique dish a little bit healthier, I would add some veggies to the side, such as celery or carrots. Be sure to have a small cup of ranch or blue cheese dressing (Hidden Valley plant-powered ranch is awesome for my dairy-free readers) for dipping, and you are all ready to impress your roommates and parents!

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