As the spring semester moves along, warmer weather will make its way to Stag Country. With the warm weather comes something we all know and love: darties. Other than the beautiful beaches of Lantern Point, what more do we need for the perfect darty you ask? The perfect outfit.




When it comes to rompers, there’s something out there for everyone. They come with a variety of patterns and styles to fit everyone’s favorite choices. If it’s a bit breezy out, you can opt for long sleeves; but, when the sun is really beating down you can opt for spaghetti straps instead. This style range allows for a romper to fit all types of weather.

High-waisted jean shorts

If you like a simpler style, try a pair of high-waisted jean shorts. Not only can these be more comfortable, but they can allow for a variety of cute shirt options with crop tops being the perfect go-to.


Patterned shorts

Instead of opting for the casual jean shorts, you can spice it up with patterned shorts. Try out flowy shorts with a variety of patterns, such as florals. This is another option that provides comfort, yet keeps you looking darty ready.




When it comes to the warm weather, basketball jerseys are the perfect fit. Since they’re sleeveless, you can soak up the sun. However, if it’s not warm enough, you can opt to wear a long sleeve underneath your jersey. This versatility allows for comfort in various temperatures.


Hawaiian shirts

If you’re really in the darty mood, opt for a Hawaiian shirt to get the party going. The warm weather is best accompanied by Hawaiian shirts. Why not wear a bathing suit while you’re at it?

Salmon shorts

When the nice weather comes along, it’s time to bring out spring colors. You may be spotted on the @salmonshortsoffairfield Instagram account, but salmon shorts are the perfect staple for the warm weather. The preppy look is ideal for a day at the beach in Fairfield County. Instead of just salmon, you can check out other colors too.

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