“Dear Brooke, I haven’t been to a basketball game yet and I’m looking to go this weekend. What is there to know about the process?”

Well … it turns out I am actually a die-hard Fairfield basketball fan, so you have definitely come to the right place. Ever since the Leo D. Mahoney Arena presented its opening night, I have made it a point to attend every game that I can. And, with nine home games under my belt for this year, I think I can give some pretty good tips on how to go about the process.

Purchasing Tickets

Head over to fairfield.evenue.net and log in. In the top right corner, there is a section labeled “student ticketing”. Once you are in that browser, there will be an upcoming list of  Fairfield home games that will go on sale 24 hours before. Spot the game that you plan on going to, add one ticket to your cart (it’s free for students) and check out! You should receive an email with your ticket almost immediately. I suggest adding it to your phone’s Apple wallet once you’re able because it pops up on your home screen a few hours before the event, which makes it easier to access at the Arena’s front doors and serves as a good reminder. 

If you want to buy seats outside of the student section, you can do so without going into the student ticketing section and purchase them online once choosing your specific chair. I am partial to the student section, however, because you get to be in the Red Sea with your fellow Stags. 

What To Bring

As usual, when heading anywhere on campus, bring your Stag Card and wallet. The most vital thing, however, is Fairfield gear … duh! Always show up in bright red whether it’s a shirt, hoodie, cap or pants. If it’s basketball merch, even better! I’ve also seen some unique outfits like red and white overalls or face paint. Considering school spirit is one of the most powerful things a university can have, I strongly urge you to join in any way you feel comfortable doing so. 

I also love bringing my red and white pom poms, but I also have a rally towel and a foam finger that I got for free one weekend. It adds so much excitement to the game that if I didn’t have them, I would even buy them. 

How/When To Get There

If you are close enough to the Mahoney Arena that you are within walking distance, do so. The area tends to get very crowded and any close parking space is probably already taken unless you get there an hour before tip-off. Also, so many people are walking across the streets that it’s much better to move with the crowd than try to drive around them.

I tend to start walking over at least 30 minutes before start time because I like watching both of the teams warm-up and having an open arena to choose my seat from. 

Where To Sit

If you bought student tickets, your seat will be in the bleachers behind either basket. I would suggest going on one of the side sections rather than the middle because the basket can often block your view, but it is also fun to watch when someone hangs on to the rim. 

On the back side, our pep band is always there playing which can be fun to sit nearby. If you’re not a fan of the loud drums and woodwinds, however, I would recommend heading to the opposite student section. The best routine is usually moving with our team; you can start on the back side to the basket where we are shooting first, and during halftime, you can switch to the other side to keep up with our team. Although, anywhere you sit is always a good time.

Concessions Picks 

And of course, if you are at a sporting event, you will need a hotdog in hand. There are plenty of meals, snacks and drinks to choose from for affordable prices such as hotdogs, cheeseburgers, wraps, chips, popcorn, lemonade, soda, water and more. Sometimes if you’re lucky, the Fairfield University Student Association will be handing out free food vouchers to their first 100 attendees. 

The basketball games are without a doubt the most fun activity you can do on campus, and I honestly can’t think of anything better than cheering for your school with your friends in the bleachers. 

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