As an incoming freshman, you get a chance to practice managing your finances. We all have been in your position before and there is no better feeling than when a family member hands you a nice amount of cash before move-in day. The important part is to not spend it all the first week.

The best way to do this is to become aware of your spending habits and develop them as a young adult. Before you move onto campus, set up a Bank of America checking account. This will help establish a routine of withdrawing a certain amount each week.

This is also important because you will not always have cash on hand – but keep in mind most people spend more when they have plastic in their hands opposed to cash.

If possible, get a credit card as well. You will be able to start building credit in your own name for the future.

Also, if you’re looking to make a little extra cash, there is a bulletin board across from the ATM in Barone Campus Center with job listings for babysitters, office help, etc.

Most college students live off coffee. Small purchases like these can add up quick if you stop by Einstein’s every day so be careful. Eating in the Barone Main Dining Hall is a great money saver as a student.

Along with the most common dining hall plan, you are given $100 for the semester at the Stag Diner.  The best way to make that limit last is to go once a week.  As long as you don’t splurge each meal, you should be covered.

While you cannot go wrong with the late night Domino’s, it’s best to not make it a weekly usual.  Fortunately, if you’re savvy enough you can find out about all the events on campus with free food – for example: Late Night at Barone, many Levee events, club meetings or even in your residence hall lounge – keep an eye out for posters on campus and take advantage.

The StagBus is a great free way to get around if you need to leave campus. If you happen to be in a hurry or want to venture off the StagBus’ usual path, try a Hertz rental car on campus. In Connecticut, you only need to be 18 and it will run you about 10 dollars an hour with free gas included.

If you happen to take a taxi somewhere, you will be charged more if six friends pile into one. That said, taxis that run without a meter will state one price and one price only, which is illegal, so keep an eye out.

It doesn’t hurt to make friends with a driver, whom you can contact more frequently. Relationships equal saved money.

Either way, you’re going to spend money on necessities and good times as a college student, but be conscious of your expenditures and you won’t still be saying, “I’m broke” even in the future with that well paying job.

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