Nothing gold can stay, but the rose gold trend is sticking around for another season. This rich, rosy metal offers a perfect alternative to the traditional yellow gold, adding a bit of warmth and a hint of color to the metal. While rose gold may come off as pink and therefore read as “girly,” make no mistake: this tone isn’t reserved for girls. In fact, rose gold shows up in products for both men and women and is universally flattering on all skin tones.


Take watches, for example. Men and women alike can participate in the trend by wearing a rose gold timepiece, like those from MVMT. These luxury-on-a-budget watches have rose gold watch cases that can be worn with their matching bands or swapped out for a more subtle leather band if you only want a small dose of rose gold. With large, bold faces encased in equally eye-catching rose gold, these MVMT watches will be the perfect way to sample the trend without going out on a limb.


Guys should check out the black/rose gold model from MVMT’s 40 series, which features hour marks and the minute and second hands done in the rosy tone, providing a subtle but intriguing contrast against the stark black watch face. Available on a rose gold bracelet band for $125, you can add a leather band in either dark or light brown for only $35. Women can opt for the Sunset style, an all rose-gold piece with a white face and bracelet band that’s also available for $125 from MVMT.


Watches and jewelry aren’t the only ways to test drive the rose gold trend. The ever-popular slip-on sneaker is also getting a metallic makeover in the rosy hue, courtesy of Vans. Available on, a superstore for all things designer fashion, these unisex rose-gold Vans fulfill all of your trend needs, giving you a casual athleisure look in a popular metallic tone. What’s interesting to know about these sneakers is that their rose gold uppers aren’t shiny to the point of being sparkly; instead they offer a very subtle sheen that catches light and reflects the rose gold tone in a way that is not obnoxious or distracting. Perhaps the best part about these cool kicks is that they will only set you back $60 and come with free shipping.


The rose gold trend may be here to stay, but with great options like these, you might not want to take your time snatching up these metallic styles.

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