President’s Ball: The President’s Ball is going to be one of your first events on campus. You and all your new  friends will get dressed up, venture to the Bellarmine Lawn and take pictures with the University’s president, Fr. Jeffrey P. von Arx. Last fall there were over 2,000 students in attendance. In addition, there is food, drinks, lights and a professional DJ. Each year Prez. Ball is a huge hit and will be something you will never forget.

Jail N’ Bail: Although you’ll have to wait until the spring, Jail N’ Bail is one of the best events on campus. Usually held in April, Jail N’ Bail is a fun event where you can arrest your new roommate, friend or even a professor. If you’re not hooked already, there is a huge jail cell set up  in the traffic circle with tons of free food. Just imagine your friend being escorted across the quad by a public safety officer in handcuffs then they will have to “plead” in front of a judge. It is a fun event and all proceeds benefit Special Olympics.

Sporting Events: Many Stag sports are Division I and compete year round. All students are welcome and can enter for free by showing your StagCard. Many games are right on campus and most likely will be less than a 5 minute walk from the comfort of your dorm. Our soccer and lacrosse field is located right behind the Quad. The women’s basketball team plays in Alumni Hall and there are free shuttles to Webster Bank Arena for all men’s basketball home games. Usually students have the opportunity to get free Fairfield apparel before the games start.

Gonzaga Movie Night: After a long week of class and studying you might not feel like going to a big event or to a party. Head over to Gonzaga and you can watch current movies that premiere at 10 p.m. and at midnight. Its a fun and chill outlet and even better when you bring your friends. Usually there is fresh popcorn and other snacks, so no need to travel to the theatres or waste any money on high-priced tickets. All of the featured movies are available to students before they are online or on DVD. Look out for the flyers around campus.

Music: Every year the Jazz Ensemble and Concert Band perform in the fall and in the spring semester. It is a great way for music fans to listen to their peers. In addition, the Jazz Ensemble hosts a guest artist each year, this way students can watch professional musicians, professors or friends perform in a low-key environment. Many students can go to these events as extra credit so you can improve classroom grades too.

Fairfield Theatre: Fairfield Theatre students put on a play once a semester and its a great way to get involved with the arts. Last fall, Fairfield Theatre students performed a rendition of playwright Eugene Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros.” There is a lot of effort that goes into these productions and it is a great way to experience theatre. In addition, the plays are usually comical and informational, so you will be have a lot to take away.

South Side Cafe: South Side Cafe is a new event that happens on Saturdays where students can simply hang out. There is live music, bands, coffee and tea, students artwork, spoken word poetry and huge bean-bag chairs. You can come and go as you please and there is also a shuttle that will bring you to the Commons from anywhere on campus. The event also goes on late so you will always have something to do.

Midnight Breakfast/Late Night at Barone: Year after year, the faculty and staff host Midnight Breakfast for the student body. Students can go and eat with their favorite professors and enjoy various types of entertainment right in the Barone Dining Hall. There is also the running joke that the faculty have gotten too old, so that is why the event starts at 10 p.m. instead of midnight. Also, Barone hosts various late nights, usually the first Friday of the month, where students enter and eat for free. Chicken nuggets and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches are a big hit.

The Levee: The levee is not just an alternative place to eat on campus. The Levee host so many events year round like trivia night, karaoke, dance parties and live entertainment. The events happen on both weeknights and weekends and all students can attend. It’s the perfect type of event to go to with friends and there is always free pizza.

Clam Jam: Clam Jam is notorious among Fairfield Students. It is an event that takes place in the spring on Fairfield beach. You and all your friends will be hanging out with classmates with your toes in the sand and sun overhead. As underclassmen we all look forward to living on the beach senior year, and Clam Jam gives us a taste of Fairfield beach life. When the weather starts to warm up and you see those neon shirts being sold in the Barone Campus Center, you know Clam Jam is right around the corner.

Cinefest: There is more talent at Fairfield than you may know. At Cinefest, Film, Television, and Media Arts programs will showcase short films created by Fairfield students. It is a red carpet event with awards and interviews, so not only do film students get to present their work, but also media students get to operate equipment, host or interview students. It is free and open to the public. More importantly, it is an opportunity for you to be exposed to our talented media and arts department, and rising talent.


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