Welcome Class of ‘27! As you get ready to start your first year here at Fairfield, I’m sure there are a million things running through your minds. What do I pack? Which classes should I take? Will I make friends? While the start of your college experience comes with a lot of stress, it can also come with a lot of excitement and anticipation. On Fairfield’s campus, especially, there are a lot of events throughout the school year that you can start to look forward to. 

  1. President’s Ball

The President’s Ball, better known as “Pres Ball” is an annual event in which the President of Fairfield University welcomes students back to school on the beautiful Bellarmine lawn (one of my personal favorite spots on campus). Dress in formal attire, get together with your friends and head up to Bellarmine Hill to enjoy some great food, dancing and fun. This is one of my personal favorite events on campus and you will find me on the dance floor for the duration of the event with my friends. 

  1. Stuff-a-Stag

When you come to campus in the fall, you will quickly find that Fairfield@Night hosts some of the best student-run weekend events on campus. From arts and crafts to trivia nights, you will never find a shortage of events to attend on the weekend with Fairfield@Night. However, one of the most anticipated events of the year falls around Christmas time: Stuff a Stag! At this event, you can choose an adorable stuffed animal to create Build-a-Bear style. Choose your stuffed animal, fill it with stuffing, give it a name and enjoy some holiday music and treats. This is an event I attend every year, and each year I leave with a new fluffy friend!

  1. Season Opener Basketball Game

With the grand opening of the new Leo D. Mahoney Arena on campus just last year, basketball games are a great way to get together with friends and cheer on your favorite Fairfield stags. Throw on some red, grab some friends and head to the arena for the opening men’s and women’s basketball game to show our teams some support!

  1. Spring Concert

This is an event that gathers a lot of excitement and anticipation among Fairfield students. Each year, Fairfield University Student Association (FUSA), organizes a spring concert in which Fairfield students can enjoy live music from popular artists. In the years that I have been on campus, Fairfield has offered tickets to students to see Flo Rida and Metro Boomin. Both concerts were held at the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheatre in Bridgeport, Conn. just a short distance from campus. The spring concert is guaranteed to be a fun time spent with friends no matter who the artist performing is.

These are just a few of the fan-favorite events that you can look forward to this year, and every year during your Fairfield experience. The start of the school year is just around the corner, so let the anticipation for these events begin!

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