Hello Stags!

Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you love the holiday or hate it, if you don’t have a costume, you’re going to be left out this Friday. But, if you’re a huge procrastinator like me, don’t fear — here are some tried and true last minute costume ideas that require nothing more than what’s already in your (or your friend’s) closet!

Cowgirl:  A flannel, your favorite pair of Daisy Dukes, boots and pigtails. Easy.

Sexy librarian or secretary:  If you feel like going the stereotypical half-naked route this Halloween — and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that — this is by far the simplest way to do it: a white button-down (with a lacy bra peeking out from underneath, if that’s something you’re comfortable with), a black bondage skirt and some killer heels. Bonus points if you have glasses to incorporate into the look!

80s aerobics instructor: Find every neon piece of gym apparel you own, plus a sweatband and some legwarmers.

Animal: The most basic of all Halloween costumes for college girls; you literally cannot go wrong with this. Wear all black, some cat/bunny/tiger/mouse ears and some drawn-on whiskers.

Have fun this Halloween, friends, and be safe!




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