As many things change with the start of any season, most notably our next anticipated day of celebration and festivities, there comes a change in weather. In order to accommodate this shift, we obviously must find ways to switch up our fashion and dress more appropriately for the coming season. 

The cold is already upon us, despite the technical start of winter still a few weeks away, meaning we have to act fast to ensure that we will have all the outfit essentials for the coming months. This can be a costly process, and while shopping is a great deal of fun, there are so many ways to revamp pieces you might already own or alter things you wear at different times throughout the year to keep you warm and cozy all season long. For this year’s winter fashion guide, look no further. This article will provide you with all the inspiration you need to stay merry and bright for months to come.

Arguably the most important element of winter fashion is layered basics. While they may not be the most exciting pieces to shop for, they are absolutely essential, as it creates the basis upon which the rest of an outfit can be curated. Basics should not break the bank, but you also want to ensure that you are investing in pieces that will last you quite a while, too. There are so many places to find plain long sleeves, bodysuits and sweaters in neutral colors, such as Abercrombie and Skims. But don’t shy away from thrifted options or pieces that you may already own. You will surprise yourself with how much wear you get out of these pieces, no matter the price point that you choose to allocate to these garments.

Quality pants are another wholly necessary aspect of any winter outfit, no matter what level of formality or comfort you are choosing to dress for. A lesson that has taken me years to learn is that you truly do not need many pairs of jeans, as long as you own ones that will stand the test of time in a variety of styles. I personally can not get enough of low-rise jeans this season, though this is not always practical for when the weather really starts to turn. 

Additionally, despite my love of jeans, trousers and leather pants, all of which make for incredibly stylish looks, I truthfully turn to sweatpants and leggings for most of my outfits during the week. Brands like SET Active and Alo Yoga have amazing (though certainly pricey) options within this category, but I own plenty of activewear from less expensive brands that get the job done just fine. As long as you have pants that keep you warm and make you excited to get dressed each and every morning, you are on the right track!

Outerwear and winter accessories are the final pieces to the chilly weather fashion puzzle. Whether you opt for a puffer jacket or vest, a blazer or a comfy hoodie, there are very few ways to go wrong. Matching sets are another great way to maintain an effortlessly chic look, all while staying warm, especially when other garments are layered underneath. I have declared this winter to be the season of earmuffs and scarves, two perfect accessories to spice up any plain look, while also amping up functionality. The accessories that you meticulously pair with your outfits truly can shift the entire aura of any look, while staying within a reasonable budget. These things do not have to be expensive to be cute and add a certain dimension to any look that otherwise might not exist. Many of these accessories you might already possess, make this step that much easier and more fiscally conscious.

Combined with the perfect pair of Uggs or other such boots, these outfit ideas are sure to make heads turn. While the cold may seem drab and unpleasant, winter brings with it the ability to layer and accessorize in a multitude of ways, simultaneously increasing the practicality of any look. Whether you plan on shopping at stores or in your own closet, be sure to refer back to this style guide for plenty of warm wishes and delightful advice!

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