One of the best parts about having Fairfield be your new home is the amazing restaurants in the town around campus. There truly is some of the best food in the world (at least in my opinion) right next door. Here are just a few examples of places to go to eat, paired with some of the occasions that I have gone out to celebrate during my time at Fairfield!


For Parents and Family Weekend: Molto 

Now this upscale Italian place is a little too fancy for a casual night out with your friends, but it is a great place to celebrate a special occasion now and then. The atmosphere in this restaurant is so lively, but not overpoweringly loud. There is the option for outside seating on nice nights, and it is pretty small, making it feel really cozy (but also making reservations necessary for busy weekends). Not to mention the amazing food, from pastas to personal pizzas and great appetizers. This is definitely one of the best spots in Fairfield!

My Menu Pick: The Pesto Pizza 


For a Birthday Dinner: Flipside Burgers and Bar 

I have had so many great nights out with my friends at Flipside, and most of those nights have been for someone’s birthday. When you have a birthday during the school year and are away from home for the first time, it can be a little tough and make you sort of homesick. This is why my friends and I worked so hard our first year to make sure that everyone had a special day. This came to include a dinner for all of us at Flipside, which we still do, even a year later. This place is perfect because all of their options are incredibly customizable, so everyone can get what they want and the prices are super reasonable. Flipside is one of my favorite places for a burger in town!

My Menu Pick: The Crunchier Burger 


For a Weekend Breakfast: Chips 

I have thought about pancakes from Chips probably once a month since we have been home. This diner-style breakfast spot has something for everyone and it has never disappointed me. This place is perfect for a quick breakfast on a Sunday morning, when everyone has so many things to do in the afternoon, because the food, while delicious,always comes so fast, even when the restaurant is packed. This is one of my favorite places to celebrate and have fun with my friends even when our schedules keep us really busy. 

My Menu Pick: The Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes 


The Best Pizza: Colony Grill

Colony is truly a Fairfield institution. Everyone loves it and talks about it constantly (I promise you will hear about it your first week on campus). It’s the pizza place where you can eat a whole pizza yourself! The hype is truly deserved. As a native New Yorker, I was very skeptical about how good pizza in Connecticut was, but luckily I gave it a try and it is now one of my favorite places to stop. The restaurant is cozy and casual, with a limited menu of just pizza because when you do something really well, why do anything else? 

My Menu Pick: One pizza half cheese, half meatball 


I have only been at Fairfield for two years, which means there are so many more restaurants that I haven’t found yet. Fairfield has so many great places and if you were to ask five students what their favorite place is, you would get five different answers. So, go out into town when you can, explore this part of your new home and find your new favorite spot!

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