Usually, when it comes to Oreos, the most popular question asked is: cream or cookie? But have you ever taken the time to truly think about what your go-to flavor says about you? You’re standing in the supermarket’s fully stocked isle of Oreo cookies, and you instantly choose a specific taste. Why that one? Well, I’m here to tell you!

If you automatically reach for the original flavor of Oreos, you’re a minimalist. You like the simplicity of decorations, organization, tastes and more. You may also crave a certain nostalgic feel this type of cookie gives you, whether it’s from your childhood or a fond memory. That or you might just be basic and a picky eater.

For my mint Oreo lovers, you are confident. You love to speak up in a crowd and voice your own opinions. When in time of need, you are not afraid to ask others questions or for help. I also feel like every mint fanatic spends a decent amount of time in their day to make sure their appearance is up to their internal standards. 

Red velvet Oreo fans are definitely very dramatic people. You crave attention when it is not given and overreact during conversations or arguments. When you are driving, you also aggressively yell at people in the other cars and take advantage of the fact that the drivers near you can’t hear. 

If you are an introvert and prefer reading while snuggled up in bed rather than going to a party, your favorite Oreo flavor is hazelnut. You mind your business, but you’re also a great listener if your friends need to rant to you. You keep secrets well and enjoy alone time.

As a java chip enthusiast, you are a fireball. You are super energetic, chaotic, and rowdy. You enjoy doing high-energy activities like going to an amusement park, rolling skating, or running. Even more so, you have one of the biggest and brightest smiles!

Only children or children at heart pick the birthday cake flavor Oreo. You have a great sense of humor and make everyone around you laugh. You’re very goofy and were probably voted class clown. A birthday cake admirer also likes to have fun and rarely overthinks or stresses.

Chocolate fans are usually very nurturing people. If this chocolate cookie on the chocolate cream combo is for you, you’re probably a really good hugger and caretaker. You’re the ‘mom friend’ of the group where you double-check if everyone is safe and has their belongings.

Carrot cake Oreos are the way to an old soul’s heart. These cookie connoisseurs enjoy sitting in rocking chairs in the summer and taking in the nice weather. If you are this person, you are very wise and appreciate deep conversations with friends where you share experiences and advice.

If you are adventurous, you most likely choose the caramel coconut Oreos. You’re a risk-taker and sometimes react too quickly when making a decision. Other than that, you also spend most of your time at the beach or outdoors. 

Lemon Oreo lovers are 100 percent in tune with their bodies. They have a deep, calm and pure soul. If this is you, you probably also enjoy yoga, meditation, and picking fruit in the summer. 

The reason why you choose a particular type of Oreo may not have been something you have questioned before, but I guarantee that all of these explanations identified your cravings perfectly. However, whether you’re a java chip fiend or a caramel coconut devotee, there is no argument that every Oreo flavor is absolutely delicious.


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