It’s that time of year again! The winter season seems to be quickly creeping in as temperatures drop, almost overnight. To better prepare yourself for New England’s cold upcoming months, be sure to keep in mind these five hot and tasty drinks. 

Hot Chocolate – Hot cocoa is the staple drink for cold weather. There is something so special about holding a warm mug topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and sometimes, a little cinnamon. Even with its creamy, thick and sweet flavors, this drink has been proven to benefit heart health, insulin levels, memory and more! Sounds like a win-win to me. 


Tea – Green, black, white and oolong are not only comforting and delicious teas to choose from, but also provide numerous health benefits! Reducing the risk of heart attacks, increasing hydration and antioxidants are just a few to name. For me, tea is one of the main healers for stress and a sore throat, which is something to keep in mind during this whole pandemic mess. 


Mulled Apple Cider – Warm apple cider may be the most refreshing drink for the winter season, in my opinion. Compared to the popular, decadent and rich-tasting beverages, cider provides a lighter and more refreshing feeling for your body. Even more so, mulled cider is prepared with fresh spices, zest and ginger–natural healing ingredients.  


Eggnog – To my lactose intolerant friends, this may not be the drink for you. While the name of this dairy-based treat might not sound the most enticing, the actual taste of eggs makes no appearance in this flavor profile. Instead, most people compare it to melted ice cream. This festive drink is commonly enjoyed around Christmastime, but is still a nice beverage to relish in during any cold day.


Coffee – If you’re one of those people who continues to drink iced coffee during the winter, you are not doing life right. Hot coffee is still a thing! This drink is so versatile, with cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and more. Yes, it may stain your teeth a bit or maybe leave you with not-so-good smelling breath afterward, but it is so worth the taste and instant warm feeling you get throughout your whole body.


Any of these drinks pair perfectly with the winter season. Heat up those mugs, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and try to enjoy what is left of this crazy year of 2020. These drinks just might be the cure!

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