I see you shiver with anticip…..ation to see the reimagining of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” produced by FOX. The new version of this cult classic entitled, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the TimeWarp Again” premiered on Oct. 20. The live musical showcased the night that Brad Majors (Ryan McCartan) and his fiancée Janet Weiss (Victoria Justice) spend in the castle of sex-crazy mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter (Laverne Cox).

The new version stayed faithful to the original, retaining much of the original dialogue, which helped to ground it in its source material. Oftentimes, when remakes are done they only take certain plot points and the occasional line of dialogue, but by taking most, if not all of the original script, it keeps some essence of the 1975 version. Many of the songs were done extremely well. The show traded its rock center music for more pop and R&B melodies. The change helped to differentiate it from the original. Changing the melodies also breathed new life into these 40-year-old songs.

Cox was an excellent choice to play Furter, though her singing was not exceptional. It is hard to follow up Tim Curry’s explosive performance of the mad scientist. Justice’s performance of Weiss was strong for most of the show, but faltered during Weiss’ high point of the story, the song “Touch Me.” Weiss’ voice is supposed to be sensual in nature to show how she is reacting to her first real sexual experience.

The one performance that really needed improvement was Christina Milian’s as the maid, Magenta. She and her brother, Riff-Raff have strange accents that frighten Majors and Weiss as they spend their night in Furter’s castle — except Magenta did not have her accent in this version, but Riff-Raff did, which confused me. That was a letdown considering their accents added to the comedy.

One inclusion in this version that was interesting was the audience participation. At different parts of the show, the audience responds to the dialogue on screen; at other times they throw things at the screen or copy what the characters are doing. Included in this version were people wearing newspapers during “Over At the Frankenstein Place,” wearing party hats when Furter does on screen and throwing rolls of toilet paper when Brad exclaims, “Great Scott!,” a pun on Scott brand toilet paper. Also included in this version and left out of the original was the character Trixie the Usherette (Ivy Levan). She is a character from the stage production who introduced the play by singing “Science Feature/Double Feature.” In the original movie, she is replaced by the iconic set of lips associated with the film. Levan’s rendition of the opening song was the best of the remastered songs.

Overall, the remake did well enough on its own. However, compared to the original, it lacks in many respects. The acting was strong for the most part, though it faltered at some crucial moments of the plot. Additionally, some of the actors should have received more vocal training to increase the quality of their singing and acting to the level of the original. Nonetheless, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the TimeWarp Again” had sets and musical numbers that could almost overshadow the original in some regards.

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