The Spotted Horse Tavern is located at 26-28 Church Lane, Westport, Conn., and offers both pleasing ambiance and food to its patrons.

For anyone in search of an interesting place to have a meal, the Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport is a new business with delicious food complimented by distinguished architecture.

The inside wooden architecture consists of horse paintings and a bar colored black and white. The orange awning, porch, shuttered windows and window panes also give the restaurant a home-like feel, and somewhat resembles the old house in Paris that was covered in vines from the children’s book “Madeline.”

The menu is appealing, consisting of a plethora of items such as salads, sandwiches and burgers, cheese, coffees and desserts, as well as an allergy and gluten-free section all served on small plates. The small portions also leave the customer feeling satisfyingly full without being uncomfortable.

Some of the other unique dishes include lobster macaroni, scallops and small portions of cod dressed with caper reduction over sweet potato puree. The scallops in particular were grilled so that they were crispy but not overdone and laced with a light dressing and capers. The lobster macaroni was decorated with an interesting breaded topping, and the bits of creamy lobster lacked an overly-fishy taste. The lobster was an interesting way to put a creative twist on the Italian comfort food, and the lemon on the top added an extra zing of flavor to the dish.

The hamburger black butter truffle was another interesting dish that put a creative twist on a popular American food.

Martinis and cocktails are also available for any guests wanting a beverage with their meal. This restaurant also allows the opportunity for guests to dine inside or outside, weather permitting. The tasty, light, interesting dishes served on small plates, the storybook feel and the horse tavern theme are all great reasons to visit this restaurant.

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