Senior Isabel Telonis is an art history major with minors in French, psychology and classical studies. In addition, she is a four-year member of both the Glee Club and the Chamber Choir on campus. She has been singing since the age of nine and also plays the guitar. In her spare time, she loves to attend music festivals, like Ultra in Miami and Electric Zoo in New York City. Her passion for festivals developed from her dad bringing her and her brother to them at a young age, something they still do together today.

Telonis has a wide variety of music taste from electronic dance to indie rock. She loves to play DJ for her friends and is often the person many turn to for song suggestions. With her vast knowledge of music both as a singer and a music fan, here are Telonis’ current favorite songs.


  1. “Anagram” — Young the Giant

“Young the Giant is my absolute favorite band and this song always brings a smile to my face. The upbeat guitar and drums paired with the lead singer’s beautiful vocals never fails to put me in a good mood.”


  1. “Lost in the World” (ft. Bon Iver) — Kanye West

“We all know Kanye for his famous raps that we can scream out at the bar, but this song shows a unique side of Kanye. The beginning of the song starts with Bon Iver’s soothing harmonies and quickly transitions to a dance song with a great rhythmic beat, making it one of my favorites.”


  1. “Tightrope” — Walk the Moon

“I can’t help but sing along to this catchy and uplifting song whenever I hear it. As one of my favorite Walk the Moon tracks, it’s perfect for any occasion, whether you are on the beach with friends, at the gym or singing in the shower.”


  1. “West Coast” — Lana Del Rey

“Lana Del Rey undoubtedly has one of the most magical and unforgettable voices in the music scene right now. Her haunting vocals in ‘West Coast’ are hard to get out of your memory. It has a peaceful and easygoing sound, yet contains emotional meaning, making it even more compelling.”


  1. “Wildfire” (ft. Frank Ocean) — John Mayer

“Whenever I’m in a meditative mood or in need of relaxation, I immediately turn to this song. It brings me into a new, calm state of mind in just a minute and thirty seconds. Frank Ocean’s soothing voice and John Mayer’s instrumentals are a match made in heaven.”

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