Superman is taking a trip to the seamstress today.  

He got caught

In the wicked rain showers,

The shrieking wind,

And the Earth-rattling

Thunder and lightning storm.  

His cape now has a rip

Down the center

And the mighty ‘S,’

Framed by the iconic diamond shape,

Lies in two halves.  

Without his cape,

He becomes

Your average Joe—

His powers diminish

And flying he does not go.  

His mighty muscles remain,

But he has great fatigue

And twinges of soreness

And slight pain

Like a runner the day after a big race.  

Superman has to take a rest day today

While they fix his beloved cape.  

He now humbly sits

On the curb outside the seamstress’s shop,

Looking up at the sky and the sun,

Imagining all of the good he will accomplish

When this is all done.

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