Lays potato chips just came out with three new flavors for summer 2021, and it was near impossible to find! However, I was lucky enough to have been driving from Virginia to Connecticut at the time of writing this review, so I was able to find the limited edition flavors; but only after making at least eight stops. 

Scattered throughout the east coast, I discovered Lay’s Chile Mango, Jerk Chicken and Summer BLT bags. And let me say, these new flavors are absolutely creative and really make you think of starting up the grill. On a scale of one through five, one being the worst and five being the best, I will inform you where these chips land based on their taste! 

Chile Mango:

The Chile Mango was definitely the least intimidating or questionable-sounding flavor out of the three new releases, so I was looking forward to trying it. Upon taking the first bite, I could easily pinpoint mango’s sweetness and how Lay’s contrasted it with the red dusted chile. The flavor is somewhat comparable to a barbeque flavored Lay’s chip for sure. Nevertheless, the company does a good job balancing the sweet flavoring with the chile seasoning so that one ingredient doesn’t overpower the other. However, non-spicy food lovers, beware! This chip has some heat for sure. Overall, I think it is a perfect beach snack; I give it a four out of five!

Jerk Chicken:

I was a little bit nervous about the Jerk Chicken flavor because how would a chip taste like chicken? But after trying this island-themed chip, I can undoubtedly say that, like the mango chile flavor, there is some heat. The spicy and sweet combination, again, reminds me of a revamped bbq flavored chip. Yet, there were hints of an underlying smokey flavor which I was not a fan of. The artificial grill aspect makes the chip bitter and takes away from the overall taste. I rate it a three out of five.

Summer BLT:

The Summer BLT flavor also sounded a bit questionable. I won’t even go into wondering how a chip can taste like a sandwich! And unfortunately, this chip flavor was definitely a thumbs down for me. The bag boasts of a high range of flavors with bacon, tomato and lettuce flavors; however, it seemed like a miss. I don’t want to speak on behalf of all chip lovers, but I could do without this flavor. If Lay’s toned down the awful bacon seasoning from the chip, I would give them another try. But for now, it’s a no from me; a one out of five is my final thought.

Even though my experience with these flavors isn’t the best, I still suggest that you go out and give these chips a try. Who knows, you might like these crazy tastes. After picking them up from your local grocery store, these bags can be essential for beach days and barbeque weather around the corner!


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