From April 13 to 25, the Leaders for Environmental Action at Fairfield will host a variety of events for Earth Week. Earth Week is an extension of Earth Day, which falls on Tuesday, April 22.

On Tuesday, April 22, there will be a talk in the Kelley Center Presentation Room entitled “A Zero Waste Campus is Possible.” At this discussion, recent University of New Hampshire graduate Alex Freid will be speaking about a non-profit cooperative he started, The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN).

PLAN is a national movement of student leaders making an effort to eliminate global waste, according to their website. Freid will also discuss how zero waste campuses can be the beginning to a zero waste world, touching upon PLAN’s success at other institutions.

LEAF President Alex Fylypovych ‘14 explained why Freid is a great choice for LEAF’s first speaker in the last four years.

“He has a lot of really interesting perspectives and a lot of good statistics. So it isn’t just this hippie movement,” said Fylypovych.

Tuesday’s presentation will be followed by an event at Fairfield’s Downtown Bookstore entitled “Thinking Environmentally, Acting Politically in Connecticut.” At this event, former Massachusetts’ Undersecretary of Environmental Affairs and former President of the Environmental League of Massachusetts James Gomes will be speaking.

Culminating Earth Week will be an Earth Day Festival on Friday, April 25, from 4 to 7 p.m. on the Barone Campus Center/Alumni Hall Green. The festival will have free food, live student music, eco vendors and activities like tie-dying and canvas bag decorating.

“Not only is it [a reusable canvas bag] cool… You can take that with you every time you go to Stop and Shop or Whole Foods … You can use it for anything and they last so much longer than plastic bags,” said Fylypovych.

Fylypovych continued to discuss the festival, noting that the event is both informative and a way for students to de-stress before final exams.

“We want to make it a very fun and casual place to come and hang out and have fun.”

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