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The Grammys are more than just an occasion to honor the most talented in the music industry — it’s an occasion for the best and the boldest to show off their most daring looks. Sunday’s red carpet certainly did not disappoint, and while you may not be attending any awards shows in the future, you can still take style cues from the stars’ looks.

Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga both wore dresses that were sexy and simple. If you have a good silhouette that hugs your body well, it’s all in the details to take an outfit from hot to trend-setting. Like the aforementioned singers showed us on Sunday, glitter and strategic cutouts can instantly make a piece more interesting.

Anna Kendrick wore a menswear inspired pantsuit and looked both chic and classy. If you want to borrow a look from the boys but still look feminine, the key is to make sure your clothes fit your own individual shape. Unless you’re lucky, oftentimes the only way to do this is by getting your jackets and pants tailored. It’s not always cheap, but if you can afford it, it’s a really good investment to make sure you always look put together.

Taylor Swift looked flawless (as per usual) in her structured iridescent teal dress, and her purple heels were the perfect addition to her incredible outfit. Mixing colors works really well if they’re in the same palette, as Taylor’s cool-toned ensemble showed us.

Beyoncé looked regal and elegant, and just like every time she graces us mere mortals with her presence, she showed the world that she truly is Queen B. Take the most important fashion lesson of all from her — if you are confident and carry yourself with power and grace, you will always, always look good.

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