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Fashion is about more than just clothes — accessories are what make the outfit. While sentimental pieces of jewelry are amazing, it’s just as awesome to play with trends. Here are some that have been popping up all over Fashion Week and aren’t so crazy that you can’t do them yourself.

Wearing mismatched earrings is an easy way to look trendy and interesting without being too in-your-face. The key to this look is to make sure the earrings coordinate in either metal color or size. This keeps it looking deliberate, rather than looking like you were drunk when you got dressed.

Statement jewelry has been popular for a while, but this season it’s all about big, brass pieces — the bigger, the better.  Pair with a simple, high-neckline shirt to keep yourself from looking too costume-y.

The ’90s-throwback choker is still popping up all over the runways.  The classic black plastic model is perfect if you want to go for the cool blogger vibe, but an even fancier jeweled design is perfect for looking high-class and sexy.

Pendant necklaces are the perfect remedy for an otherwise boring, oversized blouse.  A rich, gold design will make your outfit instantly fancier. This is ideal for when you need to be business casual, but still really want to wear jeans.

Remember: accessories are supposed to be fun, but just like alcohol, moderation is key.

Enjoy your week, and stay beautiful!



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