Hey Stags!

Although most Fairfield students now have very limited memories of the ‘90s, the decade’s memory is still alive and well in today’s fashion. In fact, channeling your inner Topanga is very easy with these key trends:

Cropped everything doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. A cropped sweater with high-waisted jeans is the perfect pairing to help transition into spring weather.

Doc Martens were the shoe of choice for the ultimate ‘90s babe. These clunky, military-inspired boots are still great for days when you’re mad at the world and want to show it.

Floral skater dresses are everywhere these days, and they are ideal for these first few sunny days of spring. Add a long cardigan for when you get stuck in that wind tunnel in the Quad.

Jelly shoes are by far the best ‘90s comeback trend, in my opinion, because they’re great for wet days when it’s too hot to wear rain boots.

Get your tiny backpack, platform sneaker and scrunchie, and incorporate these looks into your wardrobe when you just want to relive your youth a little bit.

Enjoy the weather, lovelies!



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