Hi, Stags!

No one ever goes to the gym planning to look really good, but it’s been proven that if you feel confident in your appearance, you’ll have a better workout. Lululemon has branded itself as the standard for fashionable workout wear, but if $90 yoga pants are out of your budget, here are some great alternatives to still look cute even when you’re all red-faced and sweaty.

  • Old Navy, while definitely not a “cool” retailer, has an excellent selection of affordable gym wear that is surprisingly on-trend. This is ideal for basics that will become staples in your gym wardrobe.
  • Target’s own C9 by Champion line is one of my personal favorites, as they offer really high-quality exercise apparel that still looks cute.
  • Forever 21 has every piece of clothing under the sun you could want, gym clothes included. Like most things you find at this store, it isn’t going to last long, but if you’re not going to wear it frequently, it’s perfect for budget-friendly leggings and sports bras.
  • Of course, our own Stag Spirit Shop has a ton of athletic clothing that you can wear to show your Fairfield pride. Due to our school’s contract with Nike, most of it isn’t cheap. However, they are good investment pieces and there are always sales to look out for.

The gym isn’t meant to be a fashion show, but if you’re confident in how you look, every activity — even the treadmill — is way more enjoyable.

Enjoy your week, lovelies!



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