Hard to believe that it’s already March. Wow, I have become so cultured. Recently, fellow abroad columnist Chris Lazazzera ‘19 and I ventured to London to visit one of my best buddies from high school. It was our first trip outside of Italy, so naturally we expected a lot to go wrong. However, with the exception of our cab driver almost getting us into numerous crashes on the way to the Florence Airport, Peretola Airport, things actually went flawlessly on the way there.

Once we arrived in London, the euro to pound difference really killed me. I mean, I spent £20 at freakin’ Five Guys. Anyways, I learned from the jump that I take the food in Florence for granted. My friend was insistent about the fact that he never had a good meal in London and I would not blame him as none of the places had menus that looked very appealing.

When night time approached on Friday I was informed that we were headed to what was named the number one club in the world, called Portrait. I’m not even lying when I say that the security at the club was tighter than the security at the airport. Once we meandered into the club, the head-banging music and flickering lights were the most absurd sights I have ever seen. I feel as though the only people who were having the optimal fun there were on hallucinogens.

The following day we did some great sightseeing and saw places like Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. Saturday night was certainly a bounce back as we went to a club that played songs with some vocals. Sunday may have been the day with the most problems as Chris got wildly lost across London and ended up taking a bus about 40 minutes in the opposite direction of where I was. At this time, he had no data on his phone so we could not contact him, which created much excitement. Once he resurfaced, we did some more sightseeing and called it a night around 9 p.m. in hopes of making our 7 a.m. flight the next morning.

Safe to say we returned to Florence in one piece. We’ll see if that continues. Stay tuned.

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