There is something beautiful, standing at the edge of Europe. The Atlantic Ocean goes on forever and you can see clouds rolling in miles off the coast. There is something beautiful, when you’re looking down and your heart is jumping in your chest. Fear turns to exhilaration still, your steps remain precise. There is something beautiful, in 702 feet of layered rock holding you up from the unforgiving waves that beat down on the jagged stones below. The water crashes, white tips giving way to a mist that makes the sunlight look 50 shades of blue. Beautiful, however true, remains too weak a word to describe Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher.

It was one of the few sunny days in Ireland on Sunday, Sept. 16, when the tour group and I ventured to County Clare to explore the Cliffs. There are two paths when you arrive, the right being safer, guarded by railings; the left is left open and unrestricted, allowing you to freely dangle your feet off the edge if you dare. I chose to be fearless.

The path was like a roller-coaster, thrilling and full of ups and downs. The Cliffs are comprised of layers of multicolored rock, like a perfect baklava. The view is indescribable, I could genuinely stay there for hours and be in a state of perfect bliss. My friends and I filled our cell phones with pictures of ourselves and our surroundings, unable to get enough of it. Walking alongside the Cliffs, each step is calculated and you become aware of every person around you. One misstep is all it would take to change the day’s narrative. Still, we proceeded with excitement and caution.

All in all, it was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to return. Stay tuned for the next article, I’ll be exploring Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany!

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