For the adventurous of heart, climb your way to the Warehouse on Oct. 25 as Fairfield Theatre Company and Outdoor Sports Center co-host the first-ever FTC Outdoors Festival, highlighting the best outdoor adventure before screening MountainFilm On Tour.  

“Hosting MountainFilm on Tour is hands down one of my favorite days of the year” said tour host Cindy Johnston, a promoter of MountainFilm. She encourages thousands of college students every year to come out and explore what MountainFilm has to offer.

“MountainFilm isn’t just about film – it’s about bringing together an amazing community and sharing stories that inspire us in unexpected and powerful ways.”

MountainFilm On Tour is no stranger to the Nutmeg State, for this is the second year in a row that the Telluride Film Festival giant will touchdown in Fairfield, Connecticut. Known for its exceptionally visual landscapes and death-defying stunts, MountainFilm has become somewhat of an adventurer’s bible around the country and the world, touring as far as Chile and Canada.

Known for leaving fans with heart-attack levels of daringness, MountainFilm has reached over 40,000 people in over 30 years and continues to establish this legacy, especially considering that the events will premiere 14 films over the course of the evening including “Afterglow – Light-Suit Segment” and the famous “Drainage Ditch Kayaking.” Each film will last approximately 20 minutes and the comical D.J. of KOTO FM will host for the evening.

As well as the main attraction, FTC is hosting the mother of all block parties with a day-long celebration of blood-pumping antics. Spanning the course of four hours, FTC will present local music as well as food and beer trucks and climbing activities for the younger ones. The event will also be giving away free swag, encouraging all to come out and enjoy the day.

The day is geared toward attracting college students, mainly because of both Fairfield and Sacred Heart’s proximity. When asked about the event, John Nikas ‘18, said that “the FTC Outdoors Festival sounds enticing for the college populace considering the wide range of activities centralizing the outdoors, especially since there isn’t any of that around Fairfield.”

With MountainFilm On Tour and the FTC Outdoors Festival coming to town, who knows of the possibilities this block party can soar to.

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