Junior Casey Riviezzo is a double major in accounting and finance. Casey takes great pride in her Italian heritage and her hometown of Huntington, Long Island. In fact, there is one quote in particular that is very near and dear to Casey’s heart: “I’m from Long Island, I’ll take the railroad. L-I-R-R. New York. Long Island. Billy Joel. Nassau County. Billy Joel, one more time. ‘Piano Man.’ ‘Goodnight Saigon.’ That’s a sad one.” – Schmidt from Fox’s “New Girl.” If you know Casey, you’ve probably heard her recite this quote as it embodies much of her day-to-day life, even though she lives in Suffolk County, not Nassau. She easily socializes and bonds with anyone she encounters who is also from Long Island.

This LI native has just recently arrived back on campus after spending her fall semester abroad in Florence, Italy, and she loves discussing and reflecting on her travels. During the week, Casey does a great job of balancing her schoolwork with babysitting for a local Fairfield family. She loves to have fun with her friends and has successfully hosted several ice cream/movie nights in her townhouse.

In terms of music, Riviezzo always plays great songs on the aux cord in her Jeep and gives the best song suggestions to anyone playing music at public events. Casey doesn’t have just one specific genre that appeals to her; she listens to all different types of music from country, to rap, to pop, to oldies. Here are several songs she’s currently listening to.

  1. “Remind Me to Forget” – Kygo (ft. Miguel)

“I really love Kygo, and I love the beat to this song. I usually listen to it while I’m driving.”

  1. “Savior” – Iggy Azalea

“This is such a great song to workout to, it always gets me motivated.”

  1. “First Time” – Kygo and Ellie Goulding

“My cousin showed me this remix while we were on vacation. It always reminds me of warm weather, and also I love Ellie Goulding.”

  1. “Delicate” – Taylor Swift

“To be honest, I don’t love Taylor Swift’s new album, but I heard ‘Delicate’ a few weeks ago and really liked it.”

  1. “1950” – King Princess

“This song is slower and I really like it, it’s definitely catchy.”

  1. “Wake Up Where You Are” – State of Sound

“I love this song because it was playing in a restaurant in Switzerland and I was obsessed with it. Hearing it always reminds me of that trip, and that was my favorite trip.”

  1. “Heaven” – Kane Brown

“This song is a country song, and I also like this one for being slower and catchy.”


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