Senior David Augustyn is a biology major and resident assistant on the fourth floor of Regis Hall.

You can often catch him walking between classes with headphones plugged into his phone as he jams out to his favorite hits. Since we’re in the middle of midterm season right now, he’s curated a short, eclectic playlist of songs perfect for cracking your textbooks and studying.

When it comes to music, Augustyn often loves songs for their meaningful lyrics, but when it comes to studying music, he doesn’t like music that requires too much of his attention. However, this doesn’t mean he avoids lyrics entirely.

“A lot of songs I like because they’re introspective as well as have mellow beats,” he said. “Music is the spice of life. It’s a good way to express human emotion.”


“Peace of Bone,” Mantaraybryn


“What’s great about this song is while it’s lively and upbeat, the beat’s consistent throughout. You can kind of get into a focused state with the rhythm of the song. It gets you motivated to start working.”


“Tin Man,” America


“If you’re doing something like philosophy, this helps you get into the right state of mind, so you can put a little more thought into it. It definitely the kind of song that gets you thinking.”


“Sheep,” Mt. Joy


“This song’s talking about how we should all be feeling the pain when people in our society aren’t being treated equally, but if you don’t listen to the lyrics, it’s still a great soft rock hit. I like how the sound of the music makes you feel good and the meaning of the lyrics makes you think.”


“Down in the Valley,” The Head in the Heart


“It’s basically talking about working towards some type of constancy to keep you going in your life. I feel like that message put behind a banjo-y acoustic feel definitely centers me when I’m studying.”


“Silver Moon,” Roo Pains


“It’s got a lot of nature imagery, and it has a calming, comfort food kind of feeling. Instead of being under terrible artificial lights looking at a screen, it transports you to a natural atmosphere with the sun and trees surrounding you. It brings me to my happy place.”


“Bloom,” The Paper Kites


“If you’re going through distress you can kind of listen to this song and think that there’s someone who will ideally be for you when the chaos is over. It reminds you that you’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be about romantic relationships either. “


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