The Patriots weren’t the only ones to have a winning performance at the NRG Stadium during the Super Bowl — Lady Gaga’s halftime show was also a jaw-dropping experience. From beginning to end, Gaga’s performance demonstrated not only her quality vocal skills, but also highlighted her ability to consistently deliver a bold, energized and unique performance. No one can deny that starting her routine from the top of the football stadium was remarkable and what really provided the “wow” factor was Gaga’s ability to sing while performing aerial tricks in mid-air.

Although many people thought that Gaga would bring a political snide to her performance, she kept her views on the down-low and focused her energy on her dance moves and songs. The only hint of a political statement was in the beginning of her routine when she chose to sing “God Bless America” followed by a verse of “This Land is Your Land” and concluding with the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance, “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Once she finished this section of the show, Gaga jumped from the top of the stadium and erupted into a jam-packed concert of her top hit songs.

Gaga sang the main choruses from her songs which spanned from 2008 all the way through 2016. Some of the songs included, “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance,” “Poker Face” and “Born This Way.” These songs reflect the style of the popstar and provided easy songs for the audience to enjoy throughout the show. Sophomore Brianna Napoli commented on how Gaga’s song choices made the act enjoyable.

“I was very impressed with Lady Gaga’s performance last night as she performed all of her previous songs.They were all throwbacks to when I was in middle school and high school, so I was able to really dance to them and get hyped up for the rest of the game” said Napoli.

Another noticeable quality during Gaga’s routine was her outfit of choice. There’s no better way to describe what she wore other than a glittery bodysuit that only she could pull off. The outfit sported extremely large shoulder pads and the suit went from her shoulders to the top of her thighs. She also wore high rise, high heeled, sparkly boots to complete the ensemble.

“She showed how truly talented she is and did so with class,” said Katelyn Jones ‘19. “Her outfit was so amazing and even though she showed her stomach at one point it was so appropriate and didn’t take away from her talent, which I honestly really appreciated.”

Gaga’s 2016 hit “Million Reasons” was highlighted during her performance by showing not only her singing talent, but her ability to play the piano as well. The lights dulled, the spotlight was on her and the crowd surrounded Gaga with hundreds of lit candles to set a beautiful scene.

“I thought the candles in the audience were really cool,” said Napoli. “They made the performance not only look like a dance show, but also like a light show.”

Lady Gaga radiated on the stage during the Super Bowl. Her reputation of thinking outside the box and delivering a high energy, enthusiastic performance was upheld. The show presented nothing but upbeat and positive vibes — something greatly appreciated by audience members.

“Overall, I thought Lady Gaga did an amazing job,” said Jones. “My friends and I were all going crazy because she’s obviously the best person ever and provided a performance to remember.”

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