Chet Faker – “Built on Glass”

After gaining popularity with his cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity,” the Australian native has since released an EP with musician/producer Flume and is now debuting his first full-length solo album. Often compared to artists like James Blake, Faker’s soulful voice is haunting at times. The most ambitious thing about this album, however, is that Faker isn’t afraid to experiment with his sound, especially in the second half of the album.

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Chad VanGaalen – “Shrink Dust”

Canadian artist VanGaalen’s follow up to 2011’s “Diaper Island” is a tension and reverb-filled, psychedelic folk album, with all the usual parts that make any VanGaalen release a memorable journey. His warbling falsetto and newly learned steel pedal guitar tie the album together. The lyrics showcase his skill as a songwriter, and focus on topics such as death and love.

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Foxes – “Glorious”

The long awaited debut album from the British singer/songwriter has been set to be released on May 12. Already an established featured artist with multiple top hits and a Grammy, Louisa Rose Allen continues to surpass expectations with “Glorious.” The album is sure to be a success on the charts, with her single “Youth” already at the top. Overall, it is tonally diverse, ranging from piano ballad to uptempo electropop. Foxes is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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