Speedy Ortiz – “Real Hair”

The band is back with a four-song EP not long after last year’s release of their debut album, “Major Arcana.” Frontwoman Sadie Dupuis’ precise vocals are carried by super satisfying guitar riffs throughout. Rumbling and tight, although slightly more pop oriented, the EP maintains the band’s standard of solid alt-rock jaggedness.

Bibio – “The Green EP”WAP362-sleeve_480

Taking inspiration from and expanding on the track “Dye the Water Green,” the EP is a follow-up of Stephen Wilkinson’s last album, composed of unreleased and archived material. All of the songs are cohesively ambient and nostalgic, with a very mellow tone. The atmosphere is low-key and moody in typical Bibio fashion, but lovely nonetheless.

YellowOstrich_CosmosYellow Ostrich – “Cosmos”

With the addition of two new band members before recording their third full-length album, Yellow Ostrich’s sound has grown as well. Less chaotic and more confident this time around, the band has definitely taken a huge step in the right direction. Smooth layered vocals and heavier instrumentation take the forefront. The album is set to be released on Feb. 25.

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