Lo-Fang – “Blue Film”

Los Angeles artist Lo Fang’s debut is a promising attempt at a first album. The fusion of classical and R&B with electronica undertones is fantastically minimalistic. Some might criticize it as too low-energy to be seen as anything but tame, but what it lacks in boldness it makes up for in composition. The entire album’s arrangement is incredibly slick and appealing. Look for him on tour with Lorde this spring.

Beck – “Morning Phase”Beck_Morning_Phase

Beck has returned with his 12th studio release, his first new album in six years. The sound is strikingly similar to and seemingly a follow-up of his 2002 release, “Sea Change.” However, it’s much more mellow than any of his past work. He’s swapped the usual electronic effects and sampling typically associated with Beck for a warmer sound to create a moody piece with a really stripped-down setting.

william2William Fitzsimmons – “Lions”

If soft, fingerpicked folk music and earnest, breathy vocals are your thing, look no further than William Fitzsimmons. “Lions” encapsulates his signature emotionally vulnerable and beautiful day-dreamy style. It’s quite lovely and subdued, but picks up at points with added drums and female vocal harmonies. Fitzsimmons puts forward a solid record with a sense of quiet intimacy that is rarely seen.

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