Slip on your best pair of walking shoes and grab your wallet; we’re going into town! Only seven minutes away from campus and the second stop on our Stag bus route, Post Road is filled with some of the most mouthwatering restaurants I’ve ever visited. From raw fish to homemade fresh pasta, here are my top picks for venue recommendations and my personal favorite meals that I highly encourage you to try!

  1. Pokemoto

Calling all sushi lovers, if you have never heard of a poke bowl before, you need to try this! Poke is basically deconstructed sashimi but in your choice of a bowl or burrito. This amazing location provides you with the absolute freshest choice of ingredients, including mix-ins, sauces and toppings. With each bite of salmon, clump of rice or crisp vegetable, I’m always rushing to throw my entire wallet at them. But, while you would think such a filling and tasty meal would cost a fortune, in reality, Pokemoto provides customers with reasonable and affordable prices. These bowls range from $12-$15 depending on the amount of protein, avocado or caviar you add to your meal. Usually, whenever I visit a sushi restaurant, a single roll would come to the same amount, so I was over the moon excited to learn the cost of this delicious meal upon my first visit. 

Menu pick – Poke bowl with sushi rice, salmon, edamame, cucumbers, spicy mayo, avocado and seaweed salad.

2. Colony Grill

If you’re a Fairfield resident, there’s no doubt that you already know about Colony. This pizza joint is one of the town’s most popular places to order some greasy pies and hang out with friends. The thin crust, friendly staff and social atmosphere make this pub a must dine-in experience. On my first night in town as a Fairfield University student, I chose here to eat. I split a generous-sized pepperoni pizza with a friend and went back to campus later that night with a full stomach and a grin from ear to ear. This unforgettable night at Colony holds a special place in my heart and will stay on my list of recommendations for quite a while.

Menu Pick – Pepperoni and mushroom pizza

3. Molto

While I would usually suggest a clam and linguine dinner from any Italian restaurant, I visited Molto recently with my boyfriend, thus I come bearing a myriad of menu recommendations. There have been a few occasions where I have ordered the manzo sandwich or a chicken parmesan grinder, but on Valentine’s day, I tried my boyfriend’s penne alla vodka meal. Let’s just say I had to refrain from shoving an entire forkful of his dinner in my face. There was an overwhelming amount of spices and herbs that truly made this dish so tasty, and the sauce was just overall to die for. Additionally, the price of the meal was surprisingly sensible and affordable for a decent-sized portion. We also shared their mozzarella appetizer, which was the perfect mix of salty and savory. It was crunchy, filling and definitely worth disregarding my lactose intolerant issues.

Menu pick – Clams and Linguine or Penne alla Vodka

4. Old Post Tavern

During the pandemic, if I were to go out to eat, it was super important to me to have an outdoor seating area. Luckily, Old Post Tavern had one of the most beautiful scenic settings. Each time I went there, I got to enjoy the calming view and fast service. I’ve ordered everything from their salads to clam chowder and pasta. Every meal was so fresh and delicious; I kept eating even when I was beyond full. Additionally, the prices here are very reasonable since you can order a ‘half’ meal and still leave 100 percent satisfied. 

Menu pick – Farfalle and grilled chicken pasta

So far, these are my all-time Post Road favorites, but I still have yet to visit every restaurant on this main street. If the same thing applies to you, I hope you take my recommendations into consideration and indulge yourself at any of these tasty dine-ins the next time you go into town!


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