Sometimes you don’t see them.

Sometimes you do,

But you don’t know what they are thinking of you.

They watch you

With love,


And concern,

But you don’t know it.

They see you struggling,

Fighting with that thing

That was once considered a motorized wheelchair,

Willing it to work.

They see the cracks,

The obscene amount of duct tape,

The support that it so greatly lacks.

They see the faces that you make

As you try to reposition yourself

Out of the horrible position.

They listen to the struggles of the ridiculous insurance battle

Of the oh-so medically unnecessary new wheelchair,


Just as the cruddy old chair completely loses all remaining support,

Causing more pain than one can bare,

They appear.

Out of the woodwork,

They come running.

They rally,


And focus on doing something great.

Their attitudes,


And actions

Are unbelievable,

Absolutely stunning.

Out of the woodwork,

They set out to achieve your goal,

As you sit down together

To watch the Super Bowl.

Out of the woodwork,

They come from near and far,

finding a way to help wherever they are.

Out of the woodwork,

They blow you away

And you hope that they know how much it all means to you when you simply say

Thank you

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