Looking for the perfect way to celebrate the Fall season here on campus? Luckily for students, one of Fairfield’s favorite events is back this year: New England Day! With the Fall season in full swing, Fairfield University’s Inter-Residential Housing Association has been working hard to put this autumn festival together. 

Set to take place next weekend, on Saturday, Oct. 15 in the campus quad, excitement for this event is already ramping up.

New England Day is IRHA’s yearly Fall themed carnival style event,” IRHA’s president Lexi Roberts ‘24 explains. She continues “Each building’s RHA hosts a different fall themed event table. There will be activities to participate in, as well as lots of food.” 

In years past, students have seen a variety of activities and events at each building’s RHA table. These tables have held many fun Fall activities and crafts such as pumpkin painting, cornhole, wreath-making and, my personal favorite, pumpkin carving. In the two years that I have attended the New England Day, I have always come away with various Fall-themed goodies!  

Roberts tells us that this year, “Some of these events include pumpkin decorating, tie dye t-shirts, cornhole, caramel apple making and apple bobbing.” 

With the event happening soon, IRHA has been busy preparing for the big day. Roberts explains that, “On the IRHA level, we have reserved the quad, planned logistics with CEM (Conference and Events Management), called local farms and stores about buying over 100 pumpkins for the event, and we have finalized a new food truck coming to campus.” Students who attend this year’s event can look forward to some delicious breakfast sandwiches, burgers and wraps from this new food truck, BFF Grill!

When asked what she was most looking forward to about New England Day, Roberts says, “Other than the food truck menu, I am most looking forward to seeing all of the great ideas from throughout the organization all come together.”

It has not been easy work, organizing this event, as Roberts claims the planning process was a quick turn around. She explains, “Each RHA (Residence Hall Association) board had to come up with an idea after knowing each other for less than two weeks since they all just got elected, and it is really exciting to see them all work together so well.” She demonstrates her pride in the hard work of the IRHA team, claiming, “It is also rewarding for me to see all of the hard work IRHA has been putting in for the last month pay off to have a very fun event for everyone.” 

Whether you are most excited for the food, the events or the fall-themed activities, there is something for everyone at New England Day. Make sure to mark your calendars for Oct. 15, and head on down to the quad from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for some Fall-themed fun!

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