Restaurant Reviews with Nicholas O’Connell(’14)

Basic Information
Location: The Whelk, 575 Riverside Ave, Westport
Type of food: Seafood and Oyster Bar


Appetizers: Any of the Oysters offered are delicious, but my personal favorite is the Gulf shrimp and grits. The grits unify the dish and are the ultimate food to mop up with the homemade bread. When offered, the crostini with house-cured bacon is a necessary choice as well.

Entrees: There is always a variety of fresh seafood, but other notable dishes include the lamb or beef burger, the fried chicken sandwich and the braised beef gravy with risotto. The beef burger is one of the best I’ve had and comes with house-cured bacon, Swiss cheese, pickles and an onion mayo.

If you somehow manage to have room, the carrot cake is rich and delicious.

As a member of the industry, I can say with certainty that The Whelk’s beer and wine list is excellent and will be able to accommodate any palate.


Atmosphere: The Whelk is luxurious and resembles a classic New England beach home. The décor reflects a summer lifestyle and manages to encourage fresh seafood consumption.

All wait staff are knowledgeable, and the bartenders pair beverages with dishes well and whip up great cocktails.

Bottom Line

Price: $$$$ out of $$$$

Rating: ***** out of *****

Keep in mind, there is a waiting list in the event of a full bar, so I encourage making a reservation.

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