The fourth season of “The Crown” comes out on Nov. 15, and fans could not be more excited. Olivia Coleman took on the role of Queen Elizabeth II after Claire Foy, to show a more mature and aged monarch, and she fills the shoes of the role superbly. Coleman matches the frigid, serious attitude of the heavy crown and the role that was thrust upon the Queen at such a young age.

This new season of “The Crown” continues the story of the royal drama, this time introducing Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) to the audience. Based on the trailer’s synopsis, the family is concerned with increasing amounts of change, securing a bride for Charles, navigating the country through Thatcher’s policies and the tension between Thatcher and the Queen. This is a plot destined to keep even the most restless viewers attached to their screens.

For those preparing to watch the new episodes, here are a few quick notes about the historical context of the fourth season of“The Crown.” The series will take viewers through the years 1979 to 1990. 

Some will remember Lord Mountbatten and the role he played in trying to overthrow the government in season three. He was assassinated in 1979, and I would expect the series to pick up from there, judging from the important role he played within the royal family and the government. 

Politically, this was a tumultuous moment in Britain’s history due to the election of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom–the first woman ever elected into that position. She was Prime Minister during the years mentioned above, and her economic policies during the time contributed to pulling England out of crisis, and into prosperity. She led the country through the Falkland Wars and was a strong adversary to Soviet Socialism, along with the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. Together, the two leaders led the fight against the USSR and helped to bring the Iron Curtain down. 

Viewers will no doubt get to see the political intrigue, but also the social gossip at Windsor Castle as well. The relationship between the Queen and the Prime Minister is tense, as one could see just from the new trailer. They were both women in roles traditionally occupied by men, so naturally they needed a certain level of conviction to prove themselves in their roles and constantly meet the bar. They were two powerful women leading the same group of people, so seeing their relationship grow will definitely be something to watch. 

The other major plot point for this season is the romance between Charles, Diana and Camilla, as well as the subsequent royal wedding. Viewers will be able to take a look inside the royal family’s harsh treatment towards Diana. We will expect to see the growing rift between Charles and the Queen, and how their own relationship plays out as Charles navigates the matters of his heart. 

Already, we can see hints of this rift, as commentators have noted the darker tone of the new trailer, which is available on Youtube and Netflix. The music is far more sinister, the lighting is dark and mysterious, there are shots of individuals screaming throughout almost the entire video and the most telling quote comes at the end. The Queen, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret are seated at a table in a dimly-lit dining room. The Queen Mother says: “In time she will give up her fight, and bend. As they all do.” Queen Elizabeth responds: “And if she doesn’t bend, what then?” Princess Margaret finishes coldly with: “She will break.”


The fourth season of “The Crown” will be available for streaming on Netflix on Nov. 15.

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